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Health is wealth!

I am loving how passionate Maya is about helping others live fit and healthy lifestyles. Her episodes are extremely informative and I am learning so much on how to level up my own health!

All things health

I love health and wellness podcasts and appreciate Maya's approach. Her interview guests have a range of backgrounds and she creates a safe space for an open and interesting conversation.

Helpful and Entertaining!

Wow! This podcast is packed full of helpful information from inspiring guests. Maya does a great job guiding the conversations in a positive and entertaining way. Thanks for bringing this important information to people!

Great tips!

If you are thinking about going plant based, this is a great resource.


Inspiring me to lead an even healthier diet and lifestyle via your program. Thanks for all the great info and insights.


These conversations are so helpful

All Yalls Foods

Loved hearing from Brett of all yalls foods today! Such an inspirational story. I heard about the episode from a reel on their page and now want to check out the rest of your podcast. Health (and the animals and environment) are very important to me.

Wonderfully informative!

This podcast shares excellent information on how to be the healthiest version of you focusing on the principles of Lifestyle Medicine. Love gaining tips and tools from the multitude of insightful guests. Check it out! Robyn Tiger MD

SO GOOD! Lots of great ideas and information

Listened to Podcast twith Kayli Anderson about women's health issues and plant based nutrition. Super information podcast with lots of reason to increase plant based nutrition. You do not need to be a vegetarian to learn more about plant based nutrition. Have a listen.

Informational and Inspiring

The Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast has become my weekly go-to for guidance on healthy living, plant-powered eating, and inspiration to stay on a path of vibrant wellness. I enjoy the interviews with a variety of experts in the health and wellness field, and Maya's warm and engaging interview style. The health care professionals who are featured bring great guidance, how-to's, and inspiration for mind-body-spirit wellness. Thank you, Maya Acosta, for bringing this high quality podcast that empowers us to be proactive participants on our health journeys.

Congratulations on your Kick-off Podcast

Maya, I am so thrilled for you. I loved this first episode. I appreciated your introduction, your journey of how you came to this new branding, your ability to be so forthcoming about your own health journey, sharing some of Dr. Riz’s journey into Lifestyle Medicine and hearing the history of your experience within the natural and holistic settings. I am so looking forward to your upcoming guests but do know, you can hold the platform by yourself as you showed in this episode, brilliantly! Namaste. Angela Fischetti

Maya expertly weaves the power of personal stories within the realms of traditional and complementary medicine. I applaud that she focuses on physical and mental health--intertwining both as a means to strengthen our overall well-being. These episodes are inspiring, especially to those unfamiliar with plant-based eating and wellness lifestyle.

Wonderful podcast!!

This is a wonderful and casual WFPB podcast. I am just getting started on this journey and the information here is wonderful and presented in a great way! Highly recommend!!

I love all the content related to lifestyle medicine. Such wonderful guests.