Maya Acosta is a co-leader of the Plant-Based DFW Pod located in Dallas, TX. For years Maya has been passionate about helping everyday people understand that they have the power to upgrade their health. Her outreach work first began at her husband’s vascular center. Maya formed the Plant-Based DFW organization, where she and her husband, Dr. Riz, offered lectures, potlucks, documentary screenings, and walks with the doctor to educate the community about the benefits of adopting a whole food plant-based lifestyle.


Today her podcast Healthy Lifestyle Solutions offers additional support with guests such as plant-based physicians, dietitians, health coaches, and chefs who speak about the benefits of consuming a plant-based diet. She has also invited everyday people to share their testimonies on how plant-based nutrition has halted and, in some cases, reversed the disease. Maya also covers lifestyle medicine topics such as exercise as medicine, stress management, building healthy relationships, and more. 


Check out their YouTube channel for more content. The channel includes Podcast interviews, lectures, food demos, videos on the benefits of lifestyle medicine, and videos on how to grow your green leafy vegetables using a hydroponics system.