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Chock-Full of Healthy Solutions!

I’m so happy to have found the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast with Maya Acosta! Maya is such a knowledgeable, generous, and well-prepared podcaster, who brings out the best in her interviewees. I highly recommend Healthy Lifestyle Solutions to anyone seeking science-based guidance on living a healthy life!

So needed

What a great podcast to find. Practical health advice and stories that of course inspire a healthier lifestyle but also make you feel like you’re not alone. Well done Maya and your guests!

Things I never knew

Wow. Things I never knew. Thank you.

High Recommend!

So grateful to have found this podcast. Maya is informative, helpful, and each episode leaves me feeling inspired to eat healthy. Thank you Maya!

Well rounded podcast with solid information

Maya is a great interview and has a range of diverse guests with so much expertise and knowledge to share, yet the podcast is so approachable.

Maya Acosta is a Plant-Powered Revolutionary!

I'm so delighted that Maya Acosta has created the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast! Maya is a great interviewer. She brings on fascinating guests who share lifesaving and uplifting information about the power of plants to reclaim health, restore balance to our Earth systems, and bring about a kinder, more compassionate, and well-fed human presence on Earth. Maya is articulate, brilliant, and inspiring. Thank you Maya for your work to help bring about the plant-powered revolution that is so needed in our times!

Thankful to find Maya!

Maya encourages me to make healthy choices, when all I want to do is grab a bag of peanut m&m’s! If you are wanting to make some lifestyle changes and be encouraged along the way, then you are in the right place! Maya also has very knowledgeable guests! Listening to her is a great use of my time! Looking forward to the next episode!

Love this!

Such a great resource for using food to feel better. So important as a busy mom and business owner.

Great Guidance for Women’s Health

Maya not only shares amazing knowledge to inspire women to take good care of themselves, but connecting us to experts around the world.

Super insightful

My husband and I really enjoyed the episode 193. Maya has great guest and her interview style makes it easy to learn from her guest

Great show!

This is a great show- I enjoy listening to and learning from Maya! Listen in!

Great podcast!

If you’re looking for plant-based nutrition advice, you came to the right place! Making healthy lifestyle choices is essential for overall health!

Great Host

Maya is a great host. She shares really practice ideas that work. Glad I found this show!

Very inspiring!

If you are looking to upgrade your health, look no further! Maya shares informative tips that will help you uplevel your life!

Much needed

Maya thank you for doing this. It was what I needed to continue on the path to eat healhy

Informative, interesting, and helpful

I love podcasts that provide solid information and tips on how to go further with what you learn. If you're the same you'll love this podcast.

Entertaining, Informative, Educational

What a lively and informative show all about health and ways to improve life balance. Each show is packed with sound bites and actionable tips that if applied will make your life better. Thanks Maya for creating this program to improve our lives. 👏👏👏

So informative and inspiring!

Thank you for this podcast. I need something like this to keep me motivated! Great job!

Information that can help all of us

I can’t thank Maya Acosta enough for her fantastic show creating a connection for experts in health and wellness to talk to all of us. She breaks down the science behind health and wellness. This knowledge can help all of us live longer healthier lives. Maya is such a great interviewer and makes it all fun and understandable.

A great listen!

Creating lasting healthy habits can be such a struggle and this podcast really helps! Thank you so much!


This podcast is full of great info and super interesting interviews! I highly recommend hitting subscribe and sticking around each week for a new episode - you won’t be disappointed.


One of my new favorite podcasts! I’m learning so much from Maya and her guests!

Listen and get healthy

Love this show! So much valuable information to upgrade your health! Thank you Maya!

Practical and useful conversations

Fantastic podcast filled with insightful guests and useful /practical information for people to live their best healthiest lives. Our bodies are the only vehicles for moving around this planet and once it starts to deteriorate, it's very hard to undo years and decades of poor habits. I'm so glad Maya has created this platform to teach people about preventive wellness and living! She also does a great job asking insightful questions of guests Looking forward to future segments!

Love the info!

The info is great and also enjoy the host’s voice!

So informative

What a great podcast so full of important information! Thanks for giving me so much to think about!

Great podcast!

Very informative and filled with helpful tips. I love that this talks about things women go through that they may feel alone in. Thank you!

Nothing short of amazing!

Wow, great info in every single episode. Can’t wait to hear more.

Such an encouraging podcast!

I love the authenticity of this podcast! So many others are out here with scripts, but you don’t get that feeling here! Maya is REAL!!! AND…she is encouraging, reminding us of what we need to do to be well. She is a wonderful example! Thank you Maya for putting this content out here!

New found motivation

I just listened to the episode on dieting culture and my eyes were opened. Stay positive and keep working towards your goals!