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Take control of your health

This podcast definitely help you take control of your health and transform your life with a healthy way of eating.

Maya makes it easy

Healthy living doesn’t seem hard or complicated the way Maya explains it. Love these tips for healthier living!

Clear examination of the evidence

I enjoy Maya’s solo episodes where she examines the research and dispels conventional wisdom with a pleasing voice :) The show is well-organized and comprehensive but concise.


I do so much need this in my life. I’m so glad I stumbled on this podcast. I’ve been struggling with my health for YEARS now, and this podcast just gave me hope.

Professional and data-driven

Maya brings together practitioners of health and wellness to debunk myths and raise awareness for healthy living. I liked her recent episode tackling where low-carb diets get it right and maybe get it wrong or lose out on the benefits of complex carbs.

Very informative

Well informed host and interesting mix of topics in both short form and long form episodes. Well done show.

Informative and Accessible

Maya does a really nice job of explaining and teaching about health topics. She is such a great teacher and makes this important information accessible for anyone. Check this one out!

Glad I found you!

I’m always trying to find more info to be healthier and be a better version of myself. The few episodes I listened to really opened my eyes and answered some questions I’ve been trying to find answers to. I also found answers to questions I didn’t know I had! I’m definitely going to be a repeat listener, thank you so much!

Quick informative heart and vascular health

Love how Maya gets to the heart of the matter with quick tips and insights on reducing risks for heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and how they are interrelated. Each episode is right to the point and valuable. Great guest interactions and solo episodes. 💙♥️💙

Educational and fun to listen to

I liked the host interviewing skills and asking questions to allow the listener to learn more. I will be listening to future episodes

Approachable advice

Maya has done a lovely job making the over complicated world of health simple and accessible. Great insights!

Exceptionally Informative!

I'll admit being really ignorant about protein alternatives. Maya gives so much great info on sources, preparation, and the benefits of plant-based meals. Her podcast can really be a boost for people looking to eat healthier and reset their food paradigm. Maya is positive, informed, and listeners will love learning from her and her guests!

Fantastic Resource for Healthy Living

I’m all about health and fitness, so needless to say I love this podcast! I love how Maya is able to pack so much information into a short amount of time. I learned a ton and will definitely add this show into my podcast rotation.

Excellent nuggets of information to create change

Maya does a great job, sharing her story and tidbits of information for health. So many of us want to create a change, but feel overwhelmed by the amount of information out there. I love the short form podcast and the interval conversations with other healthcare professionals.

Full of great information

This podcast is full of factual information to educate the listener on health and heart issues AND provide action steps to reduce the risk of health issues. Will definitely be sharing this podcast with others!

Well Done Podcast on Healthy Living

This is a very well done podcast on a variety of healthy living topics. The coverage areas of this podcast are varied and will cover most people’s’ interests. I definitely recommend this podcast for those who are looking to improve their lifestyle in a variety of ways.

Eat more veggies

Love the bite sized info shared here plus all the advice on eating plant based! Super helpful, concise information!! Love it!!

A great show about health!

Healthy Lifestyles is a fantastic podcast and Maya is a wonderful host! I love the episode lengths and I learn something new every episode. A perfect podcast if you’re looking to live life cleanly!

Definitely informative!

I love the bite-sized episode with good Information and ideas for healthy living And eating. Sometimes we overcomplicate things, so this podcast is definitely needed. 🎉


Very interesting. Lots of helpful practical tips. The ideas sound delicious!

Loved having a conversation with Maya

I had a wonderful chat with Maya Acosta about Making your Life, Relationship and Fitness the Best They Can Be. (episode 159). Maya is so open-hearted and grounded in her purpose in giving healthy lifestyle solutions to her listeners. I highly recommend this podcast and am honored to have connected with Maya on the show.

Maya’s healthy lifestyle topics are very valuable!

I love the episodes that this podcast shares about. It’s great for someone who wants to know how to live a healthier lifestyle and those who are curious about the plant based lifestyle. Maya is definitely an advocate for sharing about how to help reverse disease with diet and lifestyle tips. I’ve seen the efforts, love, and time that she puts into each episode so that it can be a blessing to all those who listen. I also appreciate the speakers who put so much passion to share their knowledge. I highly recommend Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast for anyone who wants to love a healthier lifestyle! 💕

Chock-Full of Healthy Solutions!

I’m so happy to have found the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast with Maya Acosta! Maya is such a knowledgeable, generous, and well-prepared podcaster, who brings out the best in her interviewees. I highly recommend Healthy Lifestyle Solutions to anyone seeking science-based guidance on living a healthy life!

So needed

What a great podcast to find. Practical health advice and stories that of course inspire a healthier lifestyle but also make you feel like you’re not alone. Well done Maya and your guests!

Things I never knew

Wow. Things I never knew. Thank you.

High Recommend!

So grateful to have found this podcast. Maya is informative, helpful, and each episode leaves me feeling inspired to eat healthy. Thank you Maya!

Well rounded podcast with solid information

Maya is a great interview and has a range of diverse guests with so much expertise and knowledge to share, yet the podcast is so approachable.

Maya Acosta is a Plant-Powered Revolutionary!

I'm so delighted that Maya Acosta has created the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions podcast! Maya is a great interviewer. She brings on fascinating guests who share lifesaving and uplifting information about the power of plants to reclaim health, restore balance to our Earth systems, and bring about a kinder, more compassionate, and well-fed human presence on Earth. Maya is articulate, brilliant, and inspiring. Thank you Maya for your work to help bring about the plant-powered revolution that is so needed in our times!

Thankful to find Maya!

Maya encourages me to make healthy choices, when all I want to do is grab a bag of peanut m&m’s! If you are wanting to make some lifestyle changes and be encouraged along the way, then you are in the right place! Maya also has very knowledgeable guests! Listening to her is a great use of my time! Looking forward to the next episode!

Love this!

Such a great resource for using food to feel better. So important as a busy mom and business owner.