August 11, 2022
214: So I Went to the Food Is Medicine Conference...Now What?

A group of podcasters comes together to help others learn how to create change and grow their online presence to make an impact in the world. In this episode, you will learn: How a young vegan turned bullying into a comeback ...

A group of podcasters comes together to help others learn how to create change and grow their online presence to make an impact in the world.  

In this episode, you will learn:  

  • How a young vegan turned bullying into a comeback story 
  • The process of change (becoming aware, contemplating, adopting new behaviors, etc.) 
  • Why you should join our August 27th, Create An Impact Online to grow your online confidence, presence, and leadership

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So, I went to the Food Is Medicine Conference this past weekend and I took lots of notes. Stick around because I am going to share with you what I learned, who I met, and the amazing things Healthy City is doing to support Midland, TX.  

  • Before I get started, did you catch my recent interview with Dr. Alyssa Vela on mental health and health equity? She will be one of the guest speakers at the annual Lifestyle Medicine conference in November in Orlando, Florida.  

Friends, we returned this past Sunday from Midland, TX where we attended the Food Is Medicine conference. We drove our camper van because it is so much easier to stop midway to rest and have lunch. But we did stay at a hotel.  

I want to share what I learned and my experience with you. And then I am going to give you more details about an online class we are offering for PlantPure Pod leaders at the end of August.  

The conference started off with a young Solomon Tadlock who is the author of 50 Comebacks for Vegan Kids. “This book includes real things that other kids have said to criticize or attack me for being vegan, and snappy comebacks to make those kids stop! Also after each comeback, there are explanations to tell you the science behind the comeback.”  

Solomon is the son to Dr. Brooke Goldner who authored Goodbye Lupus. She was diagnosed with the most aggressive form of lupus at a young age, was told that she would not only be infertile but that she would live a short life. She underwent chemo treatments and took medication to fight lupus.  

She eventually fell in love and married Thomas Tadlock. At that time, she warned him that she would not be able to have children and that she would probably be disabled at some point. His love for her was so strong that he opted for having a short life with her than not having her at all. 

He went on to study cellular biology and together they developed a protocol to support the body in cellular repair. Rather than focusing on disease or weight loss, they focused on optimizing the immune system by hyper nourishing it with raw veggies, water intake and omega-3 fatty acids such as flax seeds and chia seeds.  

Their protocol is said to support anyone living with lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, Hashimoto's chronic fatigue and so much more.  

We’ve known of Dr. Goldner for years. But hearing her story, in person and learning about the science behind her work was powerful. Dr. Riz and I decided that we want to try her protocol to take our health to the next level.  

I invited Dr. Goldner and her son Solomon to come on the podcast to share with you their stories. Dr. Goldner lives in Houston by supports people from all over the world. Solomon was raised on a plant-based diet because after all, it was the lifestyle that allowed his mother to conceive him in the first place. He wrote his book to support other children who are bullied for being vegan. This book is also for parents who want to help their children to answer those tough questions asked by non-vegan children.  

I am so excited to bring them on the show.  

Next, we heard from Alex Caspero, a registered dietitian who is the co-founder of Plant-Based Juniors which is designed to support parents in raising healthy children on a plant-based diet. She answered common concerns that both parents and her colleagues have about raising healthy children on a plant-based diet.  

Iron deficiency-iron deficiencies which she said is common regardless of diet. 

Soy myth- Did you know that Asian children who consume soy at an early age are more protected against breast cancer in their adult years?  

Caryn Dugan, also known as St. Louis Veg Girl and is the founder of Center for Plant-Based Living offered a food demo and taught us how to make a delicious veggie burger. I plan on making some of her recipes.  

One of the most powerful lectures I heard at the conference was by Dr. Scott Stoll who spoke about cultivating a mindset for health. He clearly pointed out that is creating change was simply about knowing the information, we’d all be living the lives that we so desire. But no, behavior change is about how we are impacted by our culture, such as our community, AND by motivation which is our mindset.  

He gave us tips on how to create change from within by understanding the benefits of delayed gratification, having the mindset of pay now or pay more later. What do you really want in life and what do you have to do today to achieve the tomorrow that you want? Choose your future self over the present by delaying gratification.  

We go through a process of change by first becoming aware of what we don’t know to hearing the information and contemplating it, to adopting new behaviors which eventually become automatic.  

Finally, Dr. Jim Loomis spoke about one of the pillars of lifestyle medicine which is exercise as medicine. We are designed to be physically active. First, we learn about the consequences of not exercising, then how to fuel ourselves. And then how much exercise we should have.  

Lisa Benson is a health coach who gave us insight to all the work that the lifestyle medicine is doing at Midland Health. She went on to say that is the root of most disease is related to lifestyle choices then the solutions appears to be making healthier lifestyle choices. This is where lifestyle medicine comes in. LM gives people hope, they are 

heard, and they are in partnership with their health professionals. We are seeing a shift from solely relying on medications to using lifestyle as a way to improve overall health. The center also offers a tobacco cessation program, an app that supports healthy nutrition, and The Lift Project designed to support positive psychology.  

Big changes are coming to Midland, Texas as Healthy City creates the Take Back Your Health program in 2023 with more exciting guests and new lectures.  

Who gave us insight as to what their cardiac rehab program  

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  • I am going to highlight a couple of more PAC events subcommittee members that will be involved on August 27 
  • I am preparing for the Podcast Movement August 23-26