Meet Dr. Rizwan Bukhari, co-founder of Plant-Based DFW and co-host of the Plant-Based DFW Podcast show. Dr. Riz grew up in Dallas, Texas and has been practicing vascular surgery for more than 20 years. His primary hospital is Baylor Sunnyvale, where he formerly was the Chief of Surgery. Currently he serves on their Board of Directors and Board of Managers, and next year will be the Chief of Staff of the hospital. He is the owner of North Texas Vascular Center, where he offers diagnostic services and minimally invasive out-patient procedures largely related to amputation prevention and limb salvage. Dr. Riz is a strong advocate of incorporating plant-based nutrition into his patient lifestyle modification programs. He is very involved in the organization called Plant-Based DFW offering lectures, documentary screenings, community walks and potlucks. In October, Dr. Riz will be sitting for his board exam to become certified in Lifestyle medicine. Let’s listen in to learn about his plant-based lifestyle and all that he does within the community.