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In honor of Earth Day, I wanted to rebroadcast a conversation Dr. Riz and I had with a local environmentalist. Earth Day is an annual event on April 22 to demonstrate support for environmental protection. It is also a day to honor Earth and the concept of peace.

This is a good day to reflect on the environmental impact of our daily choices. Environmental impact is defined by a change to the environment due to our actions. In the past environmentalist have encouraged us to recycle, to reduce single-use plastics such as water bottles, straws, and grocery bags. Today we know that animal agriculture is the greatest offender to climate change creating dead zones such as the one located in the Gulf of Mexico.

Once we learned that the greatest offender to climate change is related to animal agriculture, Dr. Riz and I decided that we wanted to also contribute to this conversation.

In this episode, we will discuss:

  • The increased pollution of our streams, rivers, and coastal ocean
  • The decline in the availability of freshwater
  • The deforestation of the rain forest
  • Increases in greenhouse gas emissions
  • The decline in living marine resources