In this episode, we visit highlights of the top 10 Plant Based DFW episodes of 2020.

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10. Joey Troxel of Plant Based Dads

  • Time Stamp 7:30
  • Started his YouTube channel to hold himself accountable
  • Started his FB support group to offer support after he has a minor setback
  • His kitchen renovation video helped him channel become monetized

9. Karoline Mueller, Food for Life Instructor

  • Time Stamp 23:14
  • Struggled with weight and stay between 200 -240 pounds for many years 
  • Was getting on the right track when she lost her mother
  • Despite finding permaculture and veganism and feeling good this way, she would return to her old ways, many of us can identify with this.
  • Plant Pure Pod leader

8. Stephanie Dreyer of Batch Cooking Club

  • Time Stamp 34:41
  • The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverspoon caused her to go vegan overnight
  • Creator of the Batch cooking club

7. Lifestyle Medicine Physicians in Texas

  • Time Stamp 43:55
  • Drs. Munish and Bandana Chawla (owners of a LM practice)
  • Dr. Riz explains his work, the difference between a vascular surgeon and cardiologist
  • Dr. Nancy Eriksen is an OBGYN and specializes in high risk pregnancies

6. Dr. Rizwan Bukhari

  • Time Stamp 1:08:05
  • Plant Based Vascular Surgeon
  • Dr. Riz’s lectureon cardiovascular disease

5. Dr. Richa Mittal

  • Time Stamp 1:20:43
  • Obesity Medicine, lifestyle medicine

4. Sheanne & Dan Moskaluk

  • Time Stamp 1:33:11
  • Featured in Eating You Alive
  • Sheanne weight loss
  • Dan stage 4 kidney cancer

3. DFW Care

  • Time Stamp 1:56:56
  • Keren Wang
  • Local Chinese American group that organized in 24 hours to provide PPE’s for Dallas healthcare workers and people on the frontline

2. Dr. Arti Thangudu

  • Time Stamp 2:08:55 
  • Plant Based Endocrinologist, specializes in hormones.
  • Treats diabetes, thyroid issues, PCOS, etc.

1. Dr. John McDougall

  • Time Stamp 2:34:00
  • Plant Based Internist, pioneer
  • Speaks about the research he was doing early in his career and how he discovered the power of plant based foods
  • We talk about his live-in program
  • Lifetime Achievement Award
  • Passionate about the environment

About Plant-Based DFW Podcast: Our podcast is recorded in Dallas, Texas and features guests from all over the world. We focus on the main topic of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. Our goal is to provide resources to help you take control of your health. 

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