Welcome back to another episode of the Plant Based DFW Podcast show. In this episode, Dr. Riz & I share with you our experience of the year 2020. It was a tough one and we survived it.

  • All of our community outreach events were cancelled.
  • The healthcare system was overwhelmed.
  • Dr. Riz's vascular center took a hit.
  • We were infected with the virus.
  • We grew our own green leafy vegetables all year long.
  • We grew our podcast and youtube content and subscribers.

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About Plant-Based DFW Podcast: Our podcast is recorded in Dallas, Texas and features guests from all over the world. We focus on the main topic of LIFESTYLE MEDICINE. Our goal is to provide resources to help you take control of your health.

*We address the importance of eating plant-based foods for health, immunity and to prevent/reverse disease. *We talk about the importance of having a regular exercise routine.

*We talk about stress management.

*We talk about the importance of having healthy relationships.

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