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Meet Dr. Jessica Pearce from Dallas, Texas. She is an OBGYN as well as a podcaster. We will talk talk about how she works closely with her patients in getting them to optimal health if they want to some day become parents. We touch on breast cancer, concerns about consuming soy, endometrial cancer, insulin resistance, PCOS and the importance of mental health.

This year she was set to open her own med spa and then COVID happened. As a result she was able to focus on her other passion which is to create a safe place for topics that would otherwise be considered taboo. She has created a FB group, an IG account and a podcast all with the name Ludicrous uterus.

The first 5 minutes of our conversation we touch on some of those taboo topics such as defining the word binary, speaking about the transgender community and how terms in general can cause people to feel excluded.

  • https://www.theludicrousuterus.org/new-page
  • https://www.theludicrousuterus.org/