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Meet Marina Yanay-Triner, a wellness coach and founder of Soul in the Raw. I interviewed her in January of this year as I wanted her to share with our listeners tips on moving towards a healthier plant-based lifestyle for 2020. At that time she was working one on one with clients and teaching them how to be successful in their meal planning.

We are only a couple of weeks away from the new year and I felt this information is just as valuable today. We will learn about Marina’s journey towards becoming plant-based, how trauma affected her diet and self-image and about her life in Israel.

In this episode, we also talk about finding your why..meaning why do you want to eat a healthier diet? Why do you want to become plant-based? By discovering your reasons for eating healthier foods you are more likely to stick with this lifestyle and be successful. Marina will give us tips on meal planning, doing groceries, gadgets to have in the kitchen and staying healthy while traveling.

Next week, Marina returns as my last guest of the year. She will talk about life after our first conversation. How she grew during this pandemic and the new life purpose discovered during this time. If you are an empath you will want to listen to episode on Monday, December 21.

You can learn more about Marina Yanay-Triner:



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