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Welcome back to another episode of the Plant Based DFW Podcast. Today we have Danielle D’Souza who is a yoga and meditation teacher based out of Oakville, Ontario Canada which next to Toronto. She specializes in gentle and restorative yoga.

In this episode, we learn about her background in improv work and how meditation and yoga has empowered her to express herself more creatively. We also learn her story of how she became plant-based. This year as a result of the pandemic she created her podcast called "Release and Restore - Guided Meditations’’.

We talk about her upcoming virtual retreat on December 20th. This time of the year can be stressful, busy and for some people lonely so I am glad that Danielle is here to remind us about the benefits of having a yoga and meditation practice.

During the last 10 minutes of this episode, Danielle will guide us through meditation. I hope you enjoy. Make sure to check out her podcast for meditations and visit her website to sign up for her retreat and to visit her blog. I will see you at Retreat & Restore: A Virtual Yoga & Meditation Retreat on December 20th.