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Dr. Riz was on the Chef AJ show in November. He will talk about his work as a vascular surgeon and answer questions about his specialty.

Rizwan H. Bukhari, M.D., F.A.C.S., grew up in Dallas, Texas, before attending Johns Hopkins University, followed by medical school at UT Southwestern Medical School. He did his five year general residency in Dallas, and then did a two year fellowship in Vascular Surgery in Cincinnati, Ohio. There, Dr. Bukhari received specialized training in advanced minimally invasive procedures. He has been practicing vascular surgery in Dallas for more than twenty years. His primary hospital is Baylor Sunnyvale, where he formerly was the Chief of Surgery. Currently, he serves on their Board of Directors and Board of Managers and is Chief of Staff of the hospital.

As a board certified vascular surgeon, Dr. Bukhari has a specific interest in minimally invasive procedures such as atherectomy, angioplasty, and stenting for limb salvage and amputation prevention. In his twenty plus years of practice, Dr. Bukhari has treated severe advanced atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease. He has seen the ravaging effects of poor lifestyle choices on health. Cardiovascular disease, and its risk factors, such as obesity, tobacco use, hypertension, and diabetes are largely acquired diseases secondary to the foods we eat and our lifestyle choices.

Now board certified in Lifestyle Medicine, Dr. Bukhari lectures and teaches about lifestyle changes to improve overall health and quality of life. He has a specific interest in nutrition as it relates to cardiovascular disease. Dr. Riz is the co-host of the Plant-Based DFW Podcast which has been running for two years. Experts in the field of plant-based nutrition and lifestyle medicine are often featured.

The Plant-Based DFW Podcast Show was recently named one of the Top 10 Plant-Based Food Podcasts You Must Follow in 2020. You will often hear Dr. Bukhari promote the consumption of green leafy vegetables for arterial health. Well, he is now growing green leafy vegetables at home and wants to share this with you. Whether you are interested in growing greens, vegetables or microgreens you are in good hands. Dr. Riz’s easy step-by-step video series will teach beginners how to grow confidently in their own homes. The series can be found in Dr. Riz’s YouTube channel.