Meet Joey Troxel of Plant Based Dads which is a YouTube Channel and FB Group.

Around 16 years ago, Joey decided to become a vegetarian after looking at a PETA pamphlet that was given to him by a physician. During this time Joey tried all sorts of diet programs with the last one being Weight Watchers.

After 3 years on Weight Watchers and only losing about 18 lbs he decided to take another approach. Eventually he discovered The Starch Solution by Dr. John McDougall. He decided to create his Youtube channel called Plant Based Dads to hold himself accountable to this new way of living. His husband Tim has a segment on the channel called Baking With Tim.

Today they have close to 12,000 subscribers and they include DIY projects as well as a variety of recipe videos mainly focused on eating starching foods. They also have a FB support group by the same where Joey holds Starch Solution challenges from time to time.

Make sure to check the show links which includes their Etsy store. Christmas is just around the corner and what man would not want a shirt with the name Plant Based Dads. Hope you enjoy this episode.

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