Today’s bonus episode will include four of my favorite doctors in Texas.

00:56 - Drs. Munish and Bandana Chawla

13:09 - Dr. Rizwan Bukhari

22:27 - Dr. Nancy Eriksen

This is a recap episode of my previous conversations with each of them. You will hear commonalities that they share as physicians. When they learned about the power of plant-based foods, they not only adopted the diet for themselves, but they also began to teach their patients that plant-based foods can prevent, halt and in some cases reverse disease. They are all now trained in Lifestyle Medicine and are board certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

To hear the full episodes with each of the doctors, click on the links provided.

Drs. Munish & Bandana Chawla: 

Dr. Rizwan Bukhari: 

Dr. Nancy Eriksen: