In 2013, Rip Esselstyn was on a book tour promoting his latest book titled "My Beef With Meat". When Dr. Riz's wife heard that Rip would be at the Whole Foods Market in Dallas, she quickly registered to attend. According to Dr. Riz he was dragged to hear Rip Esselstyn speak about heart disease. This was the day that changed Dr. Riz's approach to preventing and treating heart disease.

In today's podcast, you will hear an interview of Dr. Riz by Jul Nov. She is the founder of the Plant Super Powers Summit. This interview is from that summit that took place in April 2020. Dr. Riz discusses:

  • His personal story towards becoming plant-based
  • How he felt when he discovered that cardiovascular disease could be prevented
  • How he now works with his patients

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