We talk all things mushrooms with my special guest Jeff Chilton. Learn why he feels mushrooms are the missing link to health. We talk about the research that supports the idea that mushrooms can help prevent breast cancer, help boost the immune system. Learn about beta-glucans which are the medicinal component found in real mushrooms. Did you know that not all mushroom supplements are made from real mushrooms? Jeff Chilton has been growing, cultivating and researching mushrooms since the late sixties. In the late seventies, Jeff Started Mycomedia, a company that organized educational mushroom conferences in the pacific northwest.

During this time, Jeff also authored the critically acclaimed book titled The Mushroom Cultivator. Jeff took his extensive knowledge of mushrooms and created his current company, Nammex, which was the first to offer a line of certified organic mushroom extracts that are now used by many supplement companies. Jeff has developed his entire adult life to mushrooms and their health benefits. nammex.com ***Jeff has offered our listeners a $100 coupon so you can try their products.

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