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In this episode, Maya gives you an update of what life is now like for herself and Dr. Riz. What is next for Plant-Based DFW? What sort of content can you expect on future episodes? What About Our Podcast? I have continued to interview people for the show. Our topics will continue to be about health and wellness. Our next episode is on a local business who has managed to stay open as they offer an essential product - microgreens!! We will continue to share tips on how to strengthen your immune system. Webinars: Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter where we can share information about future webinars. If you did not receive a copy of Dr. Riz’s ebook on Preventing Cardiovascular Disease make sure to go to our website: and you will see it as an option on the home page. News: *We have rescheduled Dr. Michael Greger’s Dallas visit for June 8th. Fingers-crossed that this will happen. We are making this lecture FREE to all people in healthcare. So doctors, nurses, etc can attend free of charge. Again, that info is on our homepage. *Dr. Michael Greger will be holding a webinar titled How Not To Die in a Pandemic on April 8th. You must register by April 3rd. If you purchased a ticket to see him in Dallas you will receive FREE access from us. Info on our website. *We have created a page on our website titled COVID-19 with recommended videos. Stay safe friends and know that you are in our thoughts. Our podcast can be heard on Stitcher, Google Play, iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube and Spotify.