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In this episode, we meet Chef Joe Ladine. He is new to the Dallas area and eager to work with you. We learn about his life growing up in Southern California and how his grandparents inspired him to try new things. He began his career at age 15 and then went to culinary school. In 2006, he participated in a wellness program where he saw the participants' health improve through plant-based nutrition. In the fall of 2019 Chef Ladine was inspired to go plant-based after watching The Game Changers. After years of suffering with acid-reflux and Gerd, he finally noticed an improvement in his health. Today he is eager to work with people in teaching them how to improve their own health by incorporating more plant foods into their diets. Chef Ladine will be cooking for our guests at the Lifestyle Medicine Wellness Retreat in May! Make sure to visit his website and follow him on social media to learn about his cooking classes. Interested in having Chef Ladine cook for your event? Make sure to contact him.