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Meet Marina Yanay-Triner founded Soul in the Raw in April 2013.

Marina intitially created Soul in the Raw to share her raw vegan journey with the world. She had experienced significant changes in her health but also with how she perceived her body. Once having suffered sexual assault and trauma, she discovered that this way of eating brough her back to self-love. She developed a strong connection with her body.

Today Marina is a whole food plant-based wellness coach. In this episode, Marina shared with us her personal story of healing with food. Then she moved on to give us tips on staying healthy in 2020. She talks about her work with her clients and how she sets them up on a road to success. Marina offers many great tips on Instagram. She also offers a 7-day challenge.

You can learn more about Marina Yanay-Triner:

  • www.soulintheraw.com
  • www.instagram.com/soulintheraw
  • https://www.soulintheraw.com/plant-based-challenge/