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Happy Holidays everyone! Christmas is just around the corner! We hope that everyone stays safe, calm and do not forget to walk! We are so thankful to everyone who attended our last walk of the year this past Saturday, December 21, 2019. Dr. Riz and I have been extremely pleased with our monthly walks. Did you know that in just a few short months we’ve had a total of 53 individuals join us? Thank you for making an effort once a month to join us. We appreciate you. This past Saturday, I provided a few tips to remind you to take care of yourself during the holidays. Seek ways to find inner peace and joy. Marla Ablon joined me during this conversation to share her tips for staying healthy from her perspective as a dietitian. Please comment after listening to our tips and tell us what you do to stay healthy and joyful during the holiday season. Make sure to watch the entire video to see our group picture and hear our message! Our next walk will be on January 18 at 10 a.m. visit our for information on our walks and other events. Happy Holidays!