March 30, 2023
289: What's New with Healthy Lifestyle Solutions: A Quick Update for Our Loyal Listeners

In this episode, Maya shares that she is taking a couples retreat to California with her husband, Dr. Riz. She also mentions that her life coach will be returning to the podcast to talk about her work as a trauma-informed coa...

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In this episode, Maya shares that she is taking a couples retreat to California with her husband, Dr. Riz. She also mentions that her life coach will be returning to the podcast to talk about her work as a trauma-informed coach. The podcast has a Doctor in the House segment with Dr. Riz, where they discuss topics related to vascular health, heart disease, and diabetes. Maya shares future episodes that you can expect. Lastly, Maya turns seven years vegan in April and shares her journey of discovering the vegan lifestyle through Dr. John McDougall's book and YouTuber Freelee, the Banana Girl.

Key takeaways:

  • The importance of taking time to connect with a partner and attend Couples Retreats.
  • The value of working with a life coach, especially one who is trauma-informed.
  • The benefits of a plant-based diet and the role of fiber in promoting good health.



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so excited about this weekend, Dr. Russ and I are headed out of town. And we are going to California for a Couples Retreat. So stay tuned, because in this episode, I'm just going to catch you up on what's been going on. Okay, Welcome back friends. So yes, we are headed to a Couples Retreat. And I will share more when I return. Some of you may have heard me talk in the past about having a life coach, who I've been working with for two years now. And she will be coming back on the podcast to talk about how she works with me individually, she she'll talk about some of the training that she has as a trauma informed coach. And then I will share with you about the couple's retreat, I don't know really what to expect, I know that there will there'll be about 30 couples that will attend the retreat. And I'm really just taking this coming weekend as a way to connect with my husband, Dr risk, without so much busyness with obligations that we typically have on a regular basis. And so I'll keep you informed. I have been working on an episode for you on fiber. And I'm referencing fiber fueled by Dr will be who has not been on the podcast, but I do plan on inviting him. So stay tuned for next Thursday's episode where I am going to cover in detail information about fiber. In my most recent episodes on Thursdays I've covered myths associated with protein, I also covered myths associated with carbohydrates. And so I want to continue to give you information so that you're well informed in case other people ask questions. If you're a regular listener, you would know that we now have incorporated a segment called doctor in the house that's with my husband, Dr. Riz. And we've been covering topics associated with vascular health, heart disease, Amputation Prevention, and other things like that. And we're working on our next four episodes, which are going to be associated with diabetes. And again, I think we'll address some of those myths that people have associated with what diabetes is what causes diabetes, and what are the right foods to eat. We really want to make sure that we give you the right information. Dr. Risk comes on every Monday for we're going to average about 15 minutes. So if you only want to listen to Dr. Risks, look for him on Mondays. And, and then of course, every Tuesday, I continue with my guest interviews and I have enough content now to take me all the way through July. So I do a lot of my interviews in advance in bulk. So in one week, I could interview six to seven people and then I released one episode a week. So just to give you an idea of what you can look forward to I had a sleep expert come on the show to talk about how she works specifically with Peri menopausal and menopausal women. I have another expert who came on to talk about PCOS, which I'm so grateful to have had her on. One of our soon to be released episodes is with Jane and Anne Esselstyn, who came on the show to talk about their cookbook called a plant based Woman Warrior. So excited about that conversation. And by the way, Jen gave us a great lesson for female anatomy and how this lifestyle can actually take care of many problems and prevent many complications in the future. So you can look forward to those conversations. I recently had Nelson Campbell on the show, followed by Dr. Laurie Marvis. Now Xin Campbell founded plant pure communities. And he also produced the film plant pure nation in the most recent field from food to freedom, which was available through food revolution. I believe that right now they're working out how people can view this film to make it more accessible. So I don't know when it's going to be released fully to the public. That was his film where he basically showed how short 10 Day jumpstart programs are actually effective in helping people halt disease and reverse disease. Dr. Laurie Marvis was the supervising physician who manage these patients. She came on the show to talk about lifestyle medicine, and she shared her story of humble beginnings and where she is today in helping to reverse disease. She's also the founder of Maura medical episode 285 is with Nelson Campbell and then 288 is with Laurie Marvis. If you haven't checked out those episodes, please go to the website healthy lifestyle And when you click on a particular image, or episode number, it takes you to all the different ways that you can listen to the episode so it can be you know, through Apple or Spotify and other platforms like that. So I have a lot of great content lined up for you. I'm very excited about it. And like I said, I just, I can only release one episode a week. So that's really exciting. In the month of April, I turned seven years vegan. So I guess you can say I'm turning seven in in April, and I can't really give you an exact date, uh, when I made that decision, but it was overnight. Oftentimes, I say that I found Dr. John McDougall's book when I was browsing the whole foods, I guess I would have been several years ago, it was about 10 years ago that I found his book. And I started to experiment with his recipes. But it was really a YouTuber by the name of Freelee, the Banana Girl who I watched, and I was just watching her was sort of critique how other celebrities ate and how she kept saying you don't have to harm animals. And once I watched her, I went overnight, and then I just started watching her content and learning more. And one of the reasons that I was happy that Jane and and Esselstyn came on the show is because and talked about how you know, she's been eating this way for 40 years. And it's been only in the recent years as she has started to see a lot of vegan processed food. I told her about the first year that I went vegan, I started to Yes, sample some of that processed food and I ended up gaining weight. And so my goal with educating you, in terms of how to get started in this lifestyle is to kind of persuade you to move away from the processed foods and incorporate healthier foods. Alright, speaking of that, this past weekend, Dr. Risk, gave a lecture at a retreat put together by a friend of ours named chef Julia Dunaway. And you probably have heard of her she really grew her business during the pandemic. She's been on Chef AJ, she's done so much of her own work, and has built a tremendous following. And so she held a one day event from nine in the morning till 5pm On the outskirts of Fort Worth about an hour away from where we live. And Riz was invited to give a 45 minute lecture followed by 15 minutes of the questions and answers. And it went very well. I was really impressed. She tries to keep the groups no more than 20 people. She did an evaluation to ask her attendees for feedback. And she asked What will you do with the information you learned at the retreat today? How was the retreat helpful to you? Someone else says I will put this knowledge into everyday life and not worry about naysayers. Dr. is established the need to eat this way I loved him. I really enjoy meeting others in the retreat that share my desire to be plant based. And you know, we often say that that is the key. One of the key components to live in this lifestyle is first the food you want it to taste delicious. And number two, you want to build community with people that support you because most of our family members won't. Someone else said I met such a fun group of ladies today at chef Julius retreat, and that feeling rejuvenated in my journey towards wellness. It was so great spending the day with like minded people who are on this same journey. While learning from Julia and eating delicious plant based foods. Julia greeted us with her wonderful breakfast buffet and snack table complete with fresh baked treats. We also had a visit from Dr. Riz who spoke about how the standard American diet causes a great deal of why he as a vascular surgeon has to surgically repair and how a plant based diet can be improved and even reverse many conditions. That was a great comment, Nancy. All right friends. And so as you know, we walk every third Saturday of the month, April 15 is the next one. And I wanted to do something special for my walkers by providing them a fun treat a delicious treat that they can enjoy during the walk. And so I decided to reach out to a local business that I been wanting to continue to support and that way you get exposure to delicious snacks while at the same time learning about this business that you can support as well. So we are super excited to announce that our April's Walk With A Doc event is going to be sponsored by Truby a clean label woman owned, purposeful business prioritizing people and the planet above all else. April is Earth Month and a true V Earth Month is an annual celebration of the brand's guiding principles and mission. True V specializes in delectable Zero Waste plant based truffles and baits

that are great for the body, the mind and the planet sweetened with nothing real fruit, none of their products contain added sugar preservatives, additives, extracts or syrups. These are allergens friendly handcrafted a small batch prepared and packaged in 100% Certified Home compostable packaging, depending on the geographical location within 90 to 100 days, the entire product packaging turns into enrich soil when composed it. So my friends, if you are joining us this month, in the month of April for the walk, you will be able to sample some of these delicious truffles. And I'm also going to add a link to the time that Megan was on the show. And she shared with us about how she developed and founded trovi. Again, this is a female owned company that we want to support. And so I look forward to having you guys join us on the walk. Also, I want to mention that we have a meet up for our walk. And we also have a page as part of Walk With A Doc. So I'm going to add those links in case you want to share with someone that you know that's local here in the area. All right, friends, uh, one other announcement, April 25, we will hit 300 episodes, I've been wanting to do something really special for this, like maybe have Dr. Russ and I and go live on YouTube or live on Facebook to interact and anybody can ask us questions. So feel free to leave me a voicemail or send me an email, my email is plant based And then I'll put a link where you can actually just press record and leave us a voicemail, but I'd love to hear from you. What would be fun for you as we celebrate 300 episodes, because this is one way that we can celebrate with you the listeners. So please feel free to let me know what we can do. To make this a special moment I've been podcasting for over four years and 300 episodes is a lot of work. Finally, I want to tell you about reviews. I've been getting a lot of reviews recently, and I want to share those with you. Because these come from you my listener and I'm also going to include a link below so that you know how to leave a review. So the first thing you'll see when you go to that link is you're going to see a lot of reviews. I'm going to read some of these to you. And then I'm going to tell you how you can leave a review if you're interested, very informative, well informed an interesting mix of topics and both short form and long form episodes well done show and yes, the long form are the Tuesdays episodes. And then on Monday and Thursday, I have shorter form, averaging about 15 minutes and an episode and that's for the person that just wants the information and is ready to go to the next episode. Someone else has informative and assessible. Maya does a really nice job of explaining and teaching about health topics. She is a great teacher and makes this important information accessible for anyone check this one out. Well, thank you so much, William. And yes, I do go out of my way to research the topics based on what I know from the whole food plant based pioneers and research that we now know about the topic. Someone else says glad I found you. I'm always trying to find more information to be healthier and a better version of myself. The few episodes I listened to really opened my eyes and answered some questions that I've been trying to find answers to. I also found answers to questions I didn't know I had, I'm definitely going to be a repeat listener. Thank you so much. Thank you, Jesse. That was very sweet of you. And also friends, I want to remind you that if you're not on our newsletter, please get on our newsletter so that we can continue to have more of a direct connection with you. I recently put together this awesome guide for preventing cardiovascular disease. It's an updated version. And I may say it's a beautiful copy that I put together that I think you should have. And so in exchange for your email, I'm giving you this 20 page guide. It's bid b i t dot L y forward slash join Dr. Ris and I will also include that link in the show notes. And I think that you will find that to be very valuable. And I'm also revamping our newsletter itself to make it more interactive. I'm also doing Video Newsletters where I'm just speaking to you rather than you having to read everything. So I'm really working on improving every aspect of how I deliver information. And I just want to say that I really want to thank you my listener for supporting me even though many times I don't hear directly from you. But when I see you in person, you do come up to me and you tell me that you're a listener. So I want to thank you for that. I love what I do. I love doing the research. I enjoy listening from experts or learning from experts. And I am so happy that Dr. Riz is able to come back on Mondays to share information with all of you. And I just want to say thank you so much for your support. Have a great weekend and I will see you next Sweet thank you as always for being a listener