December 16, 2022
256: Creating a Healthier Self-Relationship Through the Strength of Inner Work with Claire Chiron

Learn how to build a healthy relationship with yourself, love unconditionally, and feel more confident with the help of our guest today, Claire Chiron. Through her expertise as an emotional healing and mastery coach, you'll a...

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Learn how to build a healthy relationship with yourself, love unconditionally, and feel more confident with the help of our guest today, Claire Chiron. Through her expertise as an emotional healing and mastery coach, you'll acquire something about reconnecting with your body and uncovering your true desires. Awaken your ultimate potential by listening to this episode!

Key takeaways to listen for 

  • Breaking points in life that could lead you to meditation and visualization
  • How women can tune into their femininity and things to avoid
  • Toxic societal patterns of living
  • How culture and childhood upbringing shape an ideal independent woman
  • Deeper ways to recondition your energy and reconnect with your body
  • Recommended programs for creating healthy relationships and healing toxic living

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About Claire Chiron

Claire Chiron is an emotional healing and mastery coach. After living in dysfunctional relationships for years and her 1,500+ hours of meditation practice, she helps women heal from their childhood traumas to reconnect to their femininity and create healthy relationships with themselves and their lovers to embrace their life with joy and serenity.

Also, thanks to her meditation skills, she helps high-achievers, employees and CEOs improve their emotional, mental, and work performance through weekly live guided group meditation.

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[00:00:00] Claire Chiron:Our body is actually created in order to fit your environment. And as soon as you tried something else that belongs to other tribes, it might not be especially for you.

[00:00:13] Maya Acosta:You have more power over your health than what you've been told. This is the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions Podcast. I'm Maya Acosta and I'm passionate about finding healthy lifestyle solutions to support optimal human health.

[00:00:28] Maya Acosta:If you're willing to go with me, together, we can discover how simple lifestyle choices can help improve our quality of life. And increase longevity in a big way. Let's get started. All right. Welcome back to another episode of the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions Podcast, and today we are going to speak with a guest who will talk to us about various areas of how we can heal.

[00:00:51] Maya Acosta:She's actually an emotional mastery expert. Her name is Claire Chiron. I hope I said that right or cuz I love your accent. After her 1500-plus hours of meditation practice, she helps people heal from toxic, limiting patterns and relationships to reclaim their self-worth and heal from emotional eating and sugar addiction to embrace their life with joy and serenity. Welcome, Claire. 

[00:01:21] Claire Chiron:Thank you very much, Maya. Very, very excited to be here today to have this conversation with you, uh, regarding all of these topics that have built my life until now. So, yeah. Here we go.

[00:01:35] Maya Acosta:Yes. Here we go. I, I'm so excited because I feel like you're gonna be a such benefit for my listeners. Now, I did say, you know, before we started recording that I've been on a path for a few years, and it's only been in the most recent five years that I started waking up to doing the inner work again.

[00:01:54] Maya Acosta:Um, my main focus had been recently, it's just all about nutrition, like how I began to learn that foods are powerful and that I needed to move away from the process foods and the sugars. And you'll talk a little bit about that. You'll talk about emotional eating as well. My main focus recently had been on just nutrition and what nutrition can do for me in terms of healing my own, like gut health, my mental health, reducing my anxiety, and working with plants. In other words, incorporating more plants into my diet suddenly brought me back to the spiritual part of who I am and the emotional part. So now I'm back to doing the work, and this is why I am bringing on more people on the show that are life coaches or that are trauma-informed, or that our empaths or they can talk about energy work.

[00:02:45] Maya Acosta:So I'm an open book or very open to this conversation where it wants to go because I feel it's gonna be beneficial to my listeners as well. Let's get to know you a little bit before we talk about what you specialize in. Tell us where you're at, and of course, my listeners will pick up on your accent. So tell us a little bit about who you are.

[00:03:05] Claire Chiron:So I am French. This is why I have this accent. , well, everything starting for me in 2017. This is where everything like, uh, broke down. I think like, you know, you said you started five years ago to reconnect to yourself and to do the inner work, and then before we had like little conversation and you said that you separated yourself from this inner work and basically from your passion and yourself and your soul.

[00:03:38] Claire Chiron:And this is actually what happened to me for when I was like in high school and before, during like seven years being very, very disconnecting for myself. So basically, when I was 10 years old, I knew I did my first dream board, vision board where I was featuring the travels, where I wanted to go, etcetera, and I got in touch with the lower attraction.

[00:04:04] Claire Chiron:Then, you know, you enter the. The common path. You go to school and then you get completely brainwashed by all the people that are around you and that say that your dreams will not, will be never able to come through. And so basically it was like a very, very difficult time to go because during this time I have been obliged to listen to my very, very close relationships and you know what it is. And so I've been, I heard like, oh, you will do such a great engineer, you know, and you will be like such a great engineer for all yours. And then after high school, I chose this path. And the first month I entered this school, I felt directly into my heart.

[00:05:02] Claire Chiron:Like, what am I doing here? It's not me, it's not my place. What am I doing? And so it lasted for a year and a half until I completely broke down and I was. I just can't go further anymore. Even if I was in apprenticeship, I was earning money at the same time that I was studying, you know, so for normal, like people wants to stay in the box, this is like the dream life and for me it was like a complete nightmare.

[00:05:35] Claire Chiron:And so I just decided to quit and it took me a lot, lot, lot of courage to do this. Everybody was against it. And it started at this very moment. It started to create a very, very big conflict within my close relationships. And so I basically ended up being alone without any, any support, just a few people.

[00:06:03] Claire Chiron:But you can like bury condom on the fingers of your hands. And so this is at this moment that I actually discovered the power of meditation and visualization, and I discovered the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza and so I started to use my brain and to visualize and internalize and feel and embody every single thing that I wanted to make come true into my life.

[00:06:32] Claire Chiron:Basically, there was four things that I wanted. First, I wanted to quit my engineering school. Then I wanted to be a personal trainer in personal development. Then I wanted to live for a while in Los Angeles, and then secretly I wanted to meet my soulmate, like finally the person I could like tell everything and share this adventure with, you know, and so, This actually happened in other five months.

[00:07:05] Claire Chiron:I quit my engineering school. I got to travel for eight months. I got invited in Sedona to share my story of how I basically transformed my whole reality. In five months only, I got the opportunity to organize two retreats, personal retreats at one week each in Quebec. I've never, like I was in France organizing the, and traveling, organizing the retreats.

[00:07:37] Claire Chiron:I never organized anything before, but I did it and it was such a challenge and so rewarding. And, um, finally, I met my, my partner. And from all of this, some other great and big havens happened, and I'm sure that I will share them further in your interview. But basically, this is where everything studied. This was like the breaking poems of what created me.

[00:08:06] Maya Acosta:Wow, that's amazing. Are you Oh yeah, you're, yeah. Yes, Wow. Congratulations. 

[00:08:15] Claire Chiron:It's almost five years right now. Yeah. .

[00:08:17] Maya Acosta:Oh, that's wonderful. So let's go back to how you started your story. You said you were around 10 years old when you discover the power of really being able to mon manifest like you internally believed in your ability to manifest the life that you wanted until you began to hear otherwise.

[00:08:38] Maya Acosta:And we are highly influenced by the people around us at that time. So you were very, very young. Was the material of the law of attraction already available out there, and that's how you learned about it, or how did you know about the law of attraction?

[00:08:53] Claire Chiron:So I'm sure the answer won't be like original or special. I started with The Secret, like the very famous book, the Secret and the movie, and I remember it was like at the end of the weekend, I remember my parents coming back home and giving me like what they called a, A Life Plan, like Plan of Life anyway, so it was a big paper sheet and they told me, if you put everything that you want on this, you put the pictures of what you want and you can even write the things that you want, it will come true.

[00:09:36] Claire Chiron:And at this age, you know, you are very, very innocent and you kind of believe everything you know? And I had these big eyes looking at them like really? It's like, yeah, I mean, just try it out. And so I did it. I was so passionate about this. I put all of my emotions into it and so I stuck on the pictures that I wanted to go to, uh, see the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

[00:10:10] Claire Chiron:I wanted to see the Statue of Liberty in New York City and some I wanted to also go in Corsica and after this, I just put my dream board away. And this happens not immediately, but five years after. When I was 15 years old, I just magically manifested a week in New York City, uh, two years after I manifested a three week, uh, travel in the west of America.

[00:10:42] Claire Chiron:And so I was able to see the Hollywood sign and one year after, if I remember well, I got the opportunity to go and work in a five-star hotel in Corsa for two months. And this experience was like, when I went there, I was almost crying because I was like, wow, this is exactly what I wanted to experience.

[00:11:10] Claire Chiron:And, uh, and so, This my 10 years old. This is where I really started to actually use the power of the low retraction with this.

[00:11:21] Maya Acosta:This is amazing and you know, I'm loving what you're saying because I don't have these conversations anymore with people. I was so involved at one time in that whole idea of being a deliberate, intentional creator.

[00:11:34] Maya Acosta:I don't remember when the movie for the book, The Secret came out, but I wanna share this with you because you mentioned Sedona. Sometime between 2005 and 2008, I had been on my own journey and I love vacationing alone when I was single. That's just a thing that I really enjoyed. And I remember I was in Sedona and I had just come off a helicopter tour that was, you know, taking me around to see the Sedona area.

[00:12:01] Maya Acosta:And I came down from that airport area down to a restaurant and I was just wanting to have like a miso soup or something liked. And so I go into the restaurant and I'm the only person and the waiter serves me. And then he comes back and he says, do you mind if I sit with you and. and I said, okay, sure, why not?

[00:12:20] Maya Acosta:You know, I never felt like he was trying to hit on me or anything like that. It was just more like, Hey, I'd like to invite you to this thing that's happening this evening here in Sedona. And I don't remember if I attended, I don't think I did because I don't remember. But the thing is that we never had another conversation.

[00:12:39] Maya Acosta:What ended up happening was that my family is from the Phoenix area. There was a death in the family around the time that I was in Sedona. So I had to return back to Phoenix. And I remember I somehow contacted him and said, I'm not gonna be able to meet you or attend that thing that you suggested, but I'm gonna come back to my room in Sedona and pick up my things and fly back to Texas.

[00:13:02] Maya Acosta:Cuz I was living in Texas at the time. And he said, before you do that, will you meet me for coffee? So we met for coffee and then chatted a little bit more. And then he gave me a $20 bill and he said, go to this particular store and buy yourself a copy of The Secret. And I said, What? So I did; I bought the book.

[00:13:25] Maya Acosta:I don't remember if it was the book or the, the movie cuz I eventually had everything I bought everything. And that was the beginning of my understanding that I'm creating my own life through my actions, through my thoughts. And so this is kind of one of the first times that I speak with my audience, my listeners, about this because I'm so focused on the other aspects of lifestyle medicine.

[00:13:46] Maya Acosta:But this is really internally, like where my path started, was in the law of attraction, The secret. So I love that you're here and when I learned about you, I immediately liked you, uh, resonated with your energy. And another thing that I'm hoping that we can talk about as we continue our conversation is how you help bring women back to their femininity because there's so much power in that, isn't there? Oh my

[00:14:13]Claire Chiron:God, yes. And first I have a question for you. How did you feel The energy in Sedona, isn't it like, oh my so immensely powerful? 

[00:14:25] Maya Acosta:Yes. So a lot of people don't know this, but we migrated when I was a child from Mexico to the States, to Arizona. And then when, you know, growing up my father always took us up north to Prescott, to Flagstaff, to camp.

[00:14:37] Maya Acosta:We spent a lot of time that way and we would stop or drive through Sedona when I was little Sedona before it became, I don't wanna say commercialized, but it's very, very busy now, bumper to bumper. But I knew Sedona it at its raw state, you know, without a lot of construction. And ever since I was a child, I was drawn to Sedona and my parents would sort of shame me.

[00:15:04] Maya Acosta:And tell me, you know, there's all this weird stuff that goes there, you know, the crystals and all of that. But for me, it has always been a sacred place. Always and when I've gone, every time I go to Arizona to visit my family, I take a day trip by myself or I go overnight to Sedona. I have done the Vortex tours and now I just know where I wanna go.

[00:15:26] Maya Acosta:But yes, when I heard you say that you did a retreat there, that you offered something Sedona, I was like, that's the ideal place. That's where I wanna be to receive these lectures and this understanding. So, yeah. I love it. How long have you stayed in Sedona?

[00:15:42] Claire Chiron:So I, when you were there, just did a few day like.

[00:15:45] Claire Chiron:Three days or something. But I was there with my partner that like five-year partner of now I met him like when I was there, it was like only 10 days that we knew each other and in Sedona we lived some tremendous spiritual experiences there. It was like, I've never lived that before. It was very, very, very special.

[00:16:10] Claire Chiron:It was like a very self-discovery of the soul there with the amplification of the energy. This is actually my favorite place in the world. This is, oh my God, Sedona.

[00:16:23] Maya Acosta:I started at some point, probably, like I said, around 2005, 2008. Between those years, when I was really getting into a lot of this stuff, I started going to this one particular shot that will do the aura photo.

[00:16:38] Maya Acosta:As you know. Mm-hmm. , you know, they'll take a photo of your aura, and they'll do a little reading. And early on, I was told a couple of things, which was I have a lot of spirit guides, so if people have maybe one or two, I'm surrounded by support. And the other thing is, and I've always known, is that I'm more of a coach or a guide or a teacher.

[00:17:00] Maya Acosta:And that's what I'm destined to do. And I've always have seen myself as that person that I wanna help other people. And I feel like I'm doing it now with the podcast. Like I'm still helping to educate even though like I don't have a classroom of people in front of me. So that's been my favorite. And the last time I was in Sedona, I tried to go there to get another Aura reading and they were just booked.

[00:17:22] Maya Acosta:They're like, no, now you have to book one or two weeks in advance. , cuz they're that busy now. So, um, so tell us more. How did you get started? Um, because, so you learned that you can manifest things after all of this. You manifested your partner, your trips. And I wanna throw one more thing in there. Since we're getting to know each other, I feel like I manifest in my husband because I started to make that very detailed list of what I wanted in a partner.

[00:17:50] Maya Acosta:At a point where I had, I had reached a point where I said, I'm no longer to set. I'm not going to settle anymore. For just whoever shows up. I know what I want in a partner. I want someone who's compatible, who's intelligent. One of the things was someone who loves to sail, and that's what brought us together, the sailing.

[00:18:10] Maya Acosta:But someone who loves the water loves music. I knew that I wanted someone intelligent, and I knew I wanted someone that's more, more grounded than myself, cuz I'm the one that can easily fly away like a butterfly. I guess. You’re cute. Yeah. And then it was when I learned about him, when I got to know him, that I understood that, and I didn't really know this, but I guess my feminine energy is stronger and he's more stronger in his masculine.

[00:18:40] Maya Acosta:And I began to see the duality and the difference in that as well. It wasn't apparent because I was single for so long, like I was just used to doing my own thing. And then when I came to him, I just kind of defaulted to a certain place in my life. Coming back to my femininity is something that I'm very drawn to.

[00:18:59] Maya Acosta:There is a lot of power in tuning into our inner wisdom and our intuition. And what I love about the feminine energy is just letting go, just allowing. So if you'd like to talk to us about that, that'd be great.

[00:19:13] Claire Chiron:Yeah, absolutely. Okay, so this is, uh, a big topic. So for me, started after I've discovered, so after I met my partner, we decided to actually, just a few days after we met, we decided to create a coaching business together.

[00:19:32] Claire Chiron:And so he is helping men actually to form their character and identity until they are masculine energy. And so I'm doing it for women. And so like this is very yang, young, and actually, you spoke about your partner and your husband, and so. , the discovery of my femininity really started with him, and this is actually thanks to him that have been able to enable myself and to actually really truly, we can truly speak about unlocking the stuck energy in our body.

[00:20:14] Claire Chiron:Because actually what happens is that after this eight month of trip, I had a, an Ayahuasca ceremony with my partner, a very, very intense one. And from this, I don't recommend Ayahuasca to anyone anymore. . Anyway, this is another story, but.

[00:20:36] Maya Acosta:If I could just interject in Los Angeles, where did Youk and I don't recommend you to recommend it,

[00:20:42] Claire Chiron:I wasn't ready for this. I think I was there like for the curiosity of what it was, but when you are coming from. Dysfunctional family. So this is where actually I will speak about the femininity because what happened is that, uh, two years after this, um, I realized that I was actually living in sort of toxic relationship dynamics within my family.

[00:21:10] Claire Chiron:And what happened in that during this time, when you are between 10 years old and 17 years old, normally you have the time to develop yourself from being a child, to being a young, an adolescent, to being a young human, uh, woman, to being a grown adult, re-isolated from your body. , you are very sh ashamed about your body.

[00:21:34] Claire Chiron:And this is what happened with a lot, a lot, a lot of people. You are disconnected from your emotions. Basically. You are numbing yourself without knowing it. And you don't know what you like fully. You are doing things because other things are doing it. Or it's like, oh, you should look, you should like that.

[00:21:56] Claire Chiron:And so you do that, but you are never, never in touch with the feelings of, I do this because I really, really liked it and this is so joyful for me. This is a feeling I didn't know I've never, ever experienced for so many years. And so I was completely disconnected from my body. And the thing is that when you do ayahuasca or these plant-based medicines, you have to be tremendously grounded in your body.

[00:22:24] Claire Chiron:Otherwise a part of your soul is like, Quote by a layer of the reality. So what happened during this experience is that I was completely immersed in this C reality and a part of my men of my mind was like for several, several hours. So if you want. first I drank a cup and a half of ayahuasca. I am super like thin like this.

[00:23:02] Claire Chiron:I ate nothing before and I just kept everything in my body. I didn't throw up anything. And so the experience for me, for all of the people, it lasted between like four hours to six hours. For me, it lasted 24 hours. It was the worst 24 hours of my life, and actually I was so completely afraid for a few hours.

[00:23:31] Claire Chiron:That my mind would be stuck forever in this other reality because I was leaving my body, like truly. And so after this, I, but at the same time, I think it helped me like to release and to show me a lot of dysfunctions inside my body. But at the same time, I developed really severe hypersensitivity to screens.

[00:23:57] Claire Chiron:I couldn't watch a phone screen or desktop screen for more than five minutes. My brain was a microwave for a year and a half after this microwave. It was like I had ping-pong balls in my brain going to one hemisphere to another, and it was like really magnetic inside. And so of course, I experienced really electrified Kundalini awakenings and all of this.

[00:24:27] Claire Chiron:And so yes, this is part of the reason why. And there are other parts. that I don't want to share ly, but uh, these are some of other things that I, and you know, we don't need any plant medicines to really like awaken ourselves because I don't think that this is a form of awakening. It's more like what it is, is that when you belong to a certain community of in the world, and you go and try some other practices that belong to other ethnicities, you are not biologically framed to actually receive this ayahuasca roots and to digest well and to react properly.

[00:25:12] Claire Chiron:You know, it's like when you are French, and so when you try to eat Indian food, then the reaction might not be very, very pleasant, you know, it's exactly the same. Our body is actually created in order to fit your environment. And as soon as you tried something else that belongs to other, uh, tribes, then it might not be especially if, um, so for you, yeah,

[00:25:40] Maya Acosta:So well for you and what comes to mind is, If we believe that we manifest through our thoughts, and you know, if we just believe that even if you don't believe it, you absolutely actually are manifesting your reality.

[00:25:54] Maya Acosta:Then it, it, from what I hear about Ayahuasca, is that we face our worst fears. Mm-hmm. . So whatever we believe about life, depending on, you know, our upbringing, our culture, some of those fears then just become reality through th this experience of going between dimensions, um, is what you're saying. And yeah, I'm becoming more and, um, involved with the Wim Hof breathing and now someone else, uh, that came through Dallas, I think his name is pronounced vital, who combines Wim Hof with some of the psychological knowledge that he knows about Mo, you know, doing this energy work.

[00:26:33] Maya Acosta:And I did the heavy breathing for an hour and a half in a group of like, Over 200 people and you know, he guides you up and you're just like, what am I doing? And then you come down. Yeah. And that's a lot more guided, I think. And uh, I went through some stuff that I was like, whoa, this is awesome. Whoa, this is scary.

[00:26:52] Maya Acosta:But I felt in control because I've been doing the grounding exercises with my coach. So there are some things that you need in place. I agree. So that you can come back and ground yourself and say, this is where I'm at. I'm doing the work, but I'm here. I'm here right now. As opposed to, um, I don't know.

[00:27:10] Maya Acosta:I've never done drugs like acid. Yeah. But I've heard that some people can never come back. Like they go absolutely. Off a trip. And so, and they never come back actually from, after this.

[00:27:19] Claire Chiron:That it sounds like that that was, um, I was obliged Ihu, actually.

[00:27:25] Maya Acosta:You, myself. Ayahuasca can do for people is sometimes, you know, have them question reality.

[00:27:31] Claire Chiron:  After this, I, and then they can't actually for on this platform, three years of. Repeat burnouts and repeat again and again and again. Every three days, I, I was in, in burnout because I was trying like to build a coaching business. And the thing is that I didn't know why, but before this, like I could like do normal things, uh, put videos on YouTube and all, do all the things that actually make you feel, uh, make you be visible and actually, um, live normally.

[00:28:06] Claire Chiron:Um, but I couldn't do all of these things. And actually, I understood a little later that it was because the way I've run up before was not suitable for an, a healthy lifestyle, for allowing life into my body and into my life, into, uh, manifest even more of what I wanted. And so, Basically, I've realized that I had a lot, a lot of traumas within myself, and so when I speak about femininity, I'm always saying that actually I was forced.

[00:28:46] Claire Chiron:I was obliged because otherwise I would be stuck in burnouts and depression and severe on motivation. Because when you hit the wall, when your body is shutting down like this, there is always a reason about this. And it's always because the lifestyle that you have, that you are Irving right now, and the habits that you have are not healthy, are not fitted for yourself.

[00:29:16] Claire Chiron:So they are not suitable. And so as hard as it can be for Earth to change them, and as hard as we are like. We are, uh, hold holding these, uh, these habits and these ways of livings in the, I need to prove myself through the work that I am doing in order to be loved, uh, from others and all of these patterns as hard as we want to hold on them, we have to actually let go of them, uh, heal them in order to realign ourselves with the way the nature has actually, uh, created us.

[00:29:57] Claire Chiron:And there is a huge difference between a man and between a woman. And when we are living in a dysfunctional family, unfortunately, every very often we are actually raised as either as a man or as a little, uh, boy, or in a, in, um, Because I don't believe in, um, in a masculine energy is wrong. No, this is not wrong.

[00:30:26] Claire Chiron:What is bad is are the toxic patterns that we are used to live by. And so the goal was to actually realize that the way I was living was completely from the beginning, completely dysfunctional from the life that I wanted to live. So for instance, the way I imagined myself was like feeling joyful all the time.

[00:30:54] Claire Chiron:Uh, you know how feeling this concept of what is to live in the flow, everybody like talk about this, awaken your sensuality and uh, let's go and live with the flow. And you are like, okay, that sounds good, but right now, I just don't know how to do it. And I. Don't even know if this is possible. And actually, this is possible when you start to reconnect to your body.

[00:31:23] Claire Chiron:And so this is why, um, living with my partner has tremendously helped me to actually see first what is to live in a healthy relationship and second to, to feel the masculine presence. What, what it is to be with a masculine man. And in order for me to let go of this part of myself and to allow this more feminine, uh, joyful, more flow, more relaxed, more feeling, more supported and letting go of, of the rest, you know?

[00:32:04] Maya Acosta:That's beautiful. I love how you said that. Um, and as a matter of fact, I've been thinking about, as you, you talk about that, I was thinking about what I'm, I've been working on in terms of my own journey. So you, you said, that you felt that you had to do more and that, you know, almost like you have to prove yourself by doing more, even though you wanna experience the flow.

[00:32:28] Maya Acosta:I feel that what I've been working through is this limiting idea that in order for me to be loved and appreciated, I have to like, do a lot and improve myself. Like I have to prove to the world that I'm worthy of being loved. That comes from childhood trauma, uh, that I've been working on. But as a result of doing that, I get into this again, like you said, there's nothing wrong with.

[00:32:54] Maya Acosta:Describing or embracing our masculine and feminine, of course, side. But I get into this work, work, work, work, work mode, and my husband is the one that has said, you know, I wish you would do less if you could be softer. Because that's how he, when he met me, that's how I was, I was more in the flow of course, I was also at the time living in San Diego, so the energy was different.

[00:33:17] Maya Acosta:And I was more open and free flowing and right, and, and when you're in that flow state, you manifest even faster. I feel like there's just, it's not as limiting energy. Energy. And no matter how much I do, enough for me, for me, not that anyone, anyone else demands me, it's for me. And so I put this stress on my own self. And so how God, were you able to move into that beautiful feminine energy this process?

[00:33:44] Claire Chiron:Doesn't take this one week. This is like a very, very ongoing process because you have different layers of your identity, of your personality. The first thing that actually, yeah, it was, I think like the, the starting point of this, it was realizing surprisingly that as a woman, I actually didn't work.

[00:34:11] Claire Chiron:Okay. So right now, it might be like, uh, controversial, but let's go there because it's so important. Right now, we are in the both babe area, um, era. You know, we are independent woman era. We are under the, I have to be so strong and prove to man that I don't need any man in my life. All right. But the thing is that all of these behaviors have a lot, a lot of forceful energy and a lot, a lot of manly energy.

[00:34:48] Claire Chiron:And it's really, really interesting because when we look at these couples where the woman is behaving this way and uh, hugely has like the whole business running and the man is less, she has the most of masculine energy and is actually the man is giving his power away to the woman. And this is, unfortunately, destroying the dynamics between feminine and masculine energy within the couple relationship.

[00:35:21] Claire Chiron:And so, unfortunately, um, I'm kind of a protector of men because I understand more and more how this works and how women are trying like to take the advantage over men. We need to acknowledge that men are very, very, very necessary because they are the workforce and they are the people that have the innate energy to build the things, to build the sense, the, the foundations of everything.

[00:35:53] Claire Chiron:And truly, without Emmanuel, my partner. I wouldn't ever, ever had zero chance to have the ability to build this coaching business and to help the women and to heal from everything. This would've been like, uh, really impossible. And my point is that at, um, for so many years, I wanted like to be a CEO. I wanted like to have a company to my name.

[00:36:22] Claire Chiron:And there is nothing wrong with this. The thing is that I was putting a lot of masculine and directive and authoritative energy in this. And because you know of my past conditionings, you have to like to, to succeed and to be this and to be that. And, but all of this belongs to a more masculine energy.

[00:36:43] Claire Chiron:And some women have this and, and like this, but for me it was not suitable. It was not healthy, and I couldn't hold this energy in a healthy way. And so huge breakdown was like, Wow. Actually, I felt that I wanted like a, to be a CEO of a company, but actually I just don't want this at all. What I want to do is I want to genuinely open my heart to help people, men and women who need my energy during this lifetime, this lifetime, in order to have them to evolve in their own lives.

[00:37:27] Claire Chiron:And this has nothing to do with being, um, somebody in the hierarchy. I hope I say it well, in the society, and this was a huge discussion that we had with my partner about this and first understanding and letting go of this idea of wanting to control who like the place and, and the wall I wanted to have and really be honest about the, the real desires.

[00:38:03] Claire Chiron:Your true desires of what really, really, really won't. Deep down you really, really want to work that hard. What do you have to prove? And I said this like very easily, but unprogram all of this, it takes work and, and this happens in the body with, uh, somatic practices that I use every day. And a lot of time I.

[00:38:28] Claire Chiron:Don't sleep a lot at night because I get awakened by the traumas in order to be healed. Because a lot of time, I, I am actually more relaxed at night and so all of the traumas that need to come up like awakens. So it's, uh, it's, it's, it's quite intense. But releasing this need to actually please a short-term societal pattern, um, role that we have to be in order to like be the free and independent woman that we thought we have to be was really intense, but really, really freeing and.

[00:39:11] Claire Chiron:The, the most of the work is, uh, turned around really, and is really focused about why drive really, really, really deep down from my heart. Want to be, want to do, want to share with others, want to say it's a constant work of realigning yourself with your truth. And it is scary. It is very, very scary because you have so many fears inside of you.

[00:39:43] Claire Chiron:Um, but at the same time, I realize, you know, I don't like to work. You know, even it's like I, people like look like say you are working. No, I'm just doing what, what is putting me on fire, you know? But, um, I'm stopping to. Do things in a forceful way. Uh, this has been a huge part also of my reconditioning.

[00:40:08] Claire Chiron:It's like, before you have to do things that you don't like, uh, and very force yourself to do it. It's like, no, now I don't like that, so I don't do it.

[00:40:18] Maya Acosta:Period. Yes, I understand what you're saying. Mm-hmm. . And so let me just clarify. So the majority of my listeners are women. Probably, you know, between the ages of 40 and 65 or so.

[00:40:32] Maya Acosta:So if they're in the States, they have definitely, like myself, been raised to, you know, be the best that you can as a woman. And that includes playing all the roles, wearing different hats, being very, very busy. That's kind of like, uh, how I feel I was raised in this culture and it only became apparent to me when I started mingling with other Latin women or Latinx women, Latinas, who grew up in their state, in their countries.

[00:41:00] Maya Acosta:And then we did these comparisons, and it's like a little more relaxed over there than the way I was raised. It was very obvious, you know, oh, you're always busy, you don't take time to socialize on two, unwind to relax. I was raised by, um, even though my mother has been married, or at the time was married for, you know, for many, many years, my mother, early on.

[00:41:23] Maya Acosta:Left her first marriage while she was pregnant with the third child and then became, uh, you know, got married again and had a fourth child. And in her mind, I didn't know about all this when I was little, but she raised her four daughters, including, you know, myself, four daughters, to be very independent.

[00:41:44] Maya Acosta:She knew what it was like to be a single mother who could barely make ends meet. And I don't talk about this, but at one point, we were homeless, so she was living on the streets with four daughters. That reality of hers is what caught what, you know, had her kind of place. This idea in our minds that we as women can be very, very vulnerable.

[00:42:07] Maya Acosta:And because of that, we have to do everything in our power to not end up in a, in a very difficult situation. Therefore, you have to get your education, you have to have your own career so that you can be very independent. And so that's how I was raised. And so, and it clearly, my three sisters are the heads of their homes.

[00:42:27] Maya Acosta:It's very obvious. My sisters can manifest and make anything happen. They're strong women. The idea of, and I hear what you're saying, not everybody has that choice, um, as you know, to take a step back and relax into life, because now they've created a life where they're so busy, they're raising children, they're still working.

[00:42:50] Maya Acosta:This whole idea of being an independent woman, and I was that woman when I was in college. I declared myself an independent woman, uh, you know, pro-women. I'm all about that. And I decided kind of like you, I think in an early age, I, well, I don't remember if you said this, but I decided early on I didn't wanna get.

[00:43:09] Maya Acosta:And I didn't wanna have children. My purpose in life was going to be to have a career. That was what I wanted for myself. And then I met my husband. And when I met him, kind of like what you said, I realized that I was tired. I realized I am so tired. I've worked so hard, I've been taking care of myself. All of these years, I'm drained, and I've never been able to relax into who I am as a woman.

[00:43:38] Maya Acosta:The beautiful energy of a woman. And, and, and I'm still struggling with that because my husband has said to me, you don't have to work. Do what you wanna do. And even when I've chosen my passion, I work, work, work, work, I place too much on my plate. And I'll wrap up this by saying that I have had glimpses.

[00:43:57] Maya Acosta:What it's like to let go and not do so much. And I love my energy when I see that, when I have those windows. I love it. And uh, many, many years ago I took all these trainings on understanding men and their desires and their psychology. And it was at that time that I decided that, uh, I would no longer emasculate a man.

[00:44:20] Maya Acosta:So at that point, I decided I would never be in that group of women that speak against men. I want to reframe, I said a little bit. I feel that same way. I now understand understanding of this, but I'm still struggling. It's not giving energy. It doesn't mean that I'm gonna be a couch potato, watching TV all day, not doing anything. It means that I do belong to differently career.

[00:44:44] Claire Chiron:Right. But this is part of your mission as a soul on this planet earth during your lifetime. The difference is in the energy and the way you are actually doing and acting. There are two different ways of actually living. The first one is, um, the way you are forcing yourself.

[00:45:08] Claire Chiron:You are hustling. You are basically going against life, against the flow. And so you can achieve tremendous things, but usually, you will heal burnout, uh, very quickly. And so this is actually the energy of very, we can find very famous men achieving a lot of things, but at the same time, they have a very, very frantic energy.

[00:45:34] Claire Chiron:And this very frantic energy is disconnected from the body. And in order for them to sustain on the long run, they actually need. Most of the time to take drugs, take things to actually give them energy. So this belongs like to the, to the head area. Then you have the second way of living, which is actually letting go.

[00:45:58] Claire Chiron:The, the work in this is not to change your goals and your dreams, because for me, I will never change everything. These things like, uh, are like making me alive. . But the way I am changing myself in the paradigm in which I am living, it's like understanding that there are things that I can do differently in a more soothing energy and not relaxing all the time.

[00:46:26] Claire Chiron:Because truly, I don't want to relax all day long. I want to live deeply connected to my body. You know, I've tried to do nothing for a year, like truly for a year to relax and to do all of these things. It leads to nothing, to nothing because it's another way of escaping your reality. And I'm very, very fam familiar with escapism, with meditation, with ayahuasca.

[00:46:57] Claire Chiron:I went into, out of my body a lot of, a lot of time, like mentally out of my body, and it took me like a lot of years to really connect in here and to be connected to my chakras. And what's really interesting is that, The, of the world is the, uh, that the, the three first chakras, the root, the Sacral, and the Solar plexus are all blocks.

[00:47:25] Claire Chiron:And the thing is that all the healing is in these third three chakras. And so the work to actually shift into this other way of living into this other reality is actually to work on this, uh, chakras and on unlocking other, all of the emotions and, uh, chains that actually keep you from fully opening your heart, opening yourself and expressing who you are and people who are doing the.

[00:47:58] Claire Chiron:Can actually, after they do the work, seem to manifest why relaxing. But what, what they don't say is that before they worked for years and years and years and they work smart, what I want to say is that they did some action, but most of the work has been to recondition themselves to actually allow the flow of life to enter and to surrender into their body.

[00:48:29] Claire Chiron:And so instead of listening to the ideas of their mind, oh, this is a great idea. Okay, so let's do it right now. Right now, right now, I'm a, I did it like so many times, and it never led to anything. But when you actually reconnect to your body, There is this feeling of, you know, it's like, you know, it's like it's in there, you know, and it feels stable, it feels safe, it feels relaxed, and so you don't need to actually take a hold of your to relax because everything that you are doing instead of being in a stressful way, is now in a stable, safe, and relaxed way.

[00:49:18] Claire Chiron:So this is a completely new way of living, and this is a lifestyle change.

[00:49:24] Maya Acosta:I'm so glad that you clarify that because, and I sort of gathered that about you. You're not discouraging women, and right now I'm just specifically talking about women from necessarily moving away from the life that they, they have right now, the goals and their dreams.

[00:49:39] Maya Acosta:It's more about like what I think it's more about like learning how to recharge ourselves. When you say doing things differently, it's probably, maybe you'll give us more examples, but probably not putting too much on our plate. Absolutely not demanding so much of ourselves you speak is that comes from the, and you can answer that.

[00:49:57] Maya Acosta:And then the other question I have about chakra, when you said that the first

[00:50:00] Claire Chiron:Street shock

[00:50:02] Maya Acosta:When from us' saying that they're the first street shark

[00:50:05] Claire Chiron:Place of foundation,

[00:50:07] Maya Acosta:and so everything that, that we work on that foundation, that everything else?

[00:50:11] Claire Chiron:Just can flow more easily. The, the, the, the relationships, the money and the health problems are all coming from the root checkers all related to this.

[00:50:22] Claire Chiron:So to answer your first questions, the not putting too much on your plate, et cetera, is actually the consequence of the work that you do. So I will clarify a little bit more. So the work that I help women doing is, A complete reconditioning of their energy. And so the work that they, they do and that I do is not about what actions should I do or should I not do.

[00:50:56] Claire Chiron:Of course, there are some of these things, but this is the surface level of the transformation. The, the 90% of what is happening is shifting the way you think. Unlocking your checklist, healing your traumas, and really feel the shift and the softness, the feeling yourself, basically deify. And from this, you will actually, once the energy is shifted, you will naturally be led to do things in a different way.

[00:51:36] Claire Chiron:Naturally, you will feel. I don't want to do this anymore, or I don't, I still want to do this, but in a very different way. Or right now, before I was doing something, this was not joyful, but I'm finding a new way more pleasant with, uh, I don't know. If you are building a website, let's say with better graphics, so you are building your identity in another way.

[00:52:04] Claire Chiron:So, okay. For majority of our lives we have been with a lot of filters. and in a way, in an, in an identity with an identity that is, that can be mostly not ours. And this is such a deep wound that we carry for years until we start to unravel this. And so the work is actually to reconnect, to, to detach ourselves from everything that, um, make made us until now that we thought we, we should be, that we thought we were.

[00:52:45] Claire Chiron:And so we are just taking a leger at a time. In order to reconnect truly to ourselves and to our body. And so when you do this at the moment, you have this feeling of you want to let go of certain things. And so what you said is like the consequence of doing this work. And now about the three chakras, what is your question again,

[00:53:13] Maya Acosta:Well actually, uh, you might have covered it because I was thinking this as well, is that when you said that the first three chakras are the blocks and I said, are they the foundation of how we manifest? So if, yeah, I feel that what you're saying, and please correct me if I'm wrong, I feel like what you're saying is.

[00:53:33] Maya Acosta:Uh, we're really functioning from the subconscious. Mm-hmm. . So the fears and limiting beliefs that lie in those first three chakras are what are driving us to make the choices that we're making. And I don't know if that's what you're saying, but part of it is that, like I was talking about my only mm-hmm.

[00:53:51] Maya Acosta:My limiting beliefs that I'm not enough, I'm not good enough because I just was not acknowledged or recognized growing up by my own family. So I do, and I do, and I do, and I do that subconsciously. Of course. Now I'm more aware of it to be loved and appreciated. I want someone to value me. So because of that, I do.

[00:54:12] Maya Acosta:And I do and I do. And as I heal that work, as I do the work and I heal through those limiting beliefs, those fears that are lie in those first three chakras, as I do the work, then I'm becoming aware that I still love what I'm doing because I'm helping people. Yes, absolutely. But now I'm not doing it from a place, absolutely feeling of never feeling good, needing to be loved and accepted doing from.

[00:54:34] Maya Acosta:And so Circle is more about wanting to give back the sexuality wants of offering, like using my energy to help support others in their healing. This is very, very powerful. Is that correct? ?

[00:54:47] Claire Chiron:You might feel extremely tired for a few days and cry a lot. Cry a lot. And actually crying is such a wonderful therapy.

[00:54:57] Claire Chiron:I cry so, so much, and my partner now learns, has learned that when I cry everything is good. This means that I'm releasing old stuff. This is perfect. And so it's like, okay, she's crying, , she's crying. And the third is related to your identity and your self-affirmation. I

[00:55:19] Maya Acosta:love that. And you know, you touched on this earlier about how I, we numb ourselves.

[00:55:25] Maya Acosta:And this week as we're recording this, I am featuring the topic of sobriety. And I'm beginning to talk about that a lot more on my podcast, encouraging people to move towards making healthier choices. But one of the things that I learned from my guests, I came on the show, was that she doesn't just encourage people to go sober, but, you know, moving away from drugs and alcohol, but to create a life where, one, they're thriving, but number two, a life where that, where they basically don't wanna numb themselves from that.

[00:55:59] Maya Acosta:Yeah. And that's what you're talking about as well in many ways, is that, we wanna move, we wanna work and heal so that we're not numbing ourselves and we numb ourselves by being busy. But there are many different ways that we numb ourselves, but we don't wanna feel the feelings that lie down in those first three chakras, I think.

[00:56:19] Maya Acosta:So feel free to add more, but you know, the insecurity, I'm insecure, I have low self-esteem, whatever it may be that I'm dealing with, and that's driving all my choices. Sometimes when, especially as women, we're busy, busy, busy, well, after a long day of being busy, I wanna drink. Right. Like that's what, that's how I, I'm gonna numb myself now so that I can not feel the things that I still have been feeling all along, not put enough or whatever it may be.

[00:56:46] Maya Acosta:Um, so tell us more about that and

[00:56:51] Claire Chiron:Very, what we do

[00:56:53] Maya Acosta:Today, minds towards

[00:56:55] Claire Chiron:And, uh, feel free very often in high, better ways, which are related to the stress, uh, to the feeling of stress and hyper stimulations. And so, when you are in this state of mind, this is very, very difficult. You actually can't connect to your, to your body.

[00:57:12] Claire Chiron:You know, you are, you start to feel, uh, disconnected from yourself. Uh, one very interesting that, uh, thing that I have actually, um, discovered through myself and my clients is that. We have conditioning that during the day, the workday, when the sun is high in the sky, you know, during the day we are conditioned to be in our mind.

[00:57:37] Claire Chiron:It's like you wake up, okay, go. What do I have to do now? What do I have to do? It's not; what do I have to be? Who do I have to be? It's like, what do I have to do to achieve this, to feel valued and to prove myself that I am the best and blah, blah, blah. And so I have found very difficult to really connect to my body in the morning instead of connecting to my body in the evening.

[00:58:04] Claire Chiron:It's that naturally, our conditioning is like you wake up, you do the thing you achieve. By the end of the day, you feel like, huh, I did inner thing so that right now I can relax and I can like be like relax. And so this is really interesting because for a lot of. Time. My partner and I have actually noticed that we are more productive after 6:00 PM So in France, we eat, uh, pretty late, like very late, like the Spanish people.

[00:58:39] Claire Chiron:But anyway, and so we start to be predictive by 4:00 PM 6:00 PM until eight 9:00 PM And so it's like this is the time span that we have, or we signal the subconscious and the body signal like, oh, right now you can relax. And so when I am in this state, it's like all the ideas are just coming right now without doing anything.

[00:59:05] Claire Chiron:It's pretty amazing. And so, your question was what can you do right now to start to live in a healthier way? Right? So, You can start by installing in your life evening routine because the sleep is very, very important, especially for women to actually relax and, uh, reconnecting and feeling this, uh, rejuvenated sensation when you wake up in the morning.

[00:59:37] Claire Chiron:So it's very, very important to have at least eight hours of sleep right now. For seven years, I've been, uh, deprived of sleep a lot. I was sleeping very, very little. And so right now, I sleep 10 hours per night and when I sleep less, I need to sleep more during the day. And so the sleep first. And so in order to encourage the sleep would be like to create an evening routine.

[01:00:08] Claire Chiron:So to stop the screens at least like two hours before going to sleep and to stretch yourself. The first step is to learn to reconnect to your body by stretching yourself. You can do yoga or normal stretching. I, I prefer actually normal stretching when you stay a long time in certain places because this is there, your subconscious actually is not only in your mind, your subconscious is all the hidden parts of your body, and so it goes from.

[01:00:43] Claire Chiron:Top of your head to your toes. Literally. I am not kidding. You have such a lot of tensions in your feet. This is incredible. And so my first advice will be really in step, and this is a huge one because if you keep like really religiously stretching yourself every day when you feel intention, it'll help you to really start to release a lot of stress and to yeah, start to release the stress, the tensions, and to feel more relaxed.

[01:01:19] Claire Chiron:Uh, these are like the, the first step that I, I would give, because the beginning is to start to, you know, reconnect to the sensations of your body, to remind yourself that you have a body to put some relaxing music during the stretching. and this is a nice time you to, to have at the end of the day, before you go to sleep.

[01:01:42] Maya Acosta:This is wonderful. I'm glad that you touch on sleep because I feel so many of us are sleep deprived just because we're so busy. Mm-hmm. , one thing that has worked for me since I learned about whim h, the power of the breath now works for me. So when I struggle to, you know, in terms of like the busy mind is not allowing me to sleep, I lie there and I just do the deep breathing exercises and let go deep, you know, take deep breaths and then let go.

[01:02:11] Maya Acosta:And before you know it, I fall asleep and it works every single time. But that's because I've started to get into the practice of Wim h breathing, of being very aware of my breath throughout the day. It's not perfect. I still forget sometimes, but I, I remember to. Well, this has been wonderful. I, there's so much I feel we can talk about touch on the topic conversations.

[01:02:34] Maya Acosta:Because they'll, I know that you have a couple of programs program are in, in working with you or learning about you overcame your sugar addiction follow up and more about very, very

[01:02:49] Claire Chiron:Very, very funny. And so this is a course that I created with Emmanuel, with my partner. And so we are both in front of the camera teaching how to create a dream board that works in order to attract love. And so there are a couple of other two programs that go with them. Uh, one is called uh, Golden Couple, and this is like 10 Golden Rules to create an un Unbreakable couple.

[01:03:16] Claire Chiron:So especially if you are already in a relationship or if you want to learn how to have healthy ways of behaving in a relationship in order to. Keep your man, then this will be perfect for you. And I have for to reconnect to the femininity and to heal from the toxic, limiting, uh, ways of living.

[01:03:41] Claire Chiron:Everything that we have basically talked during this episode, I have, uh, six-month transformation called Souveraineté, uh, Souveraine in English, but I wanted to keep th, the French name so Souveraineté. And so we go very, very deep into this transformation and, uh, This is my favorite program.

[01:04:04] Maya Acosta:I actually look forward to that. I've taken workshops Yeah, in the past like that. And like I said, I'm coming back to it all, but it's a beautiful thing when you learn. So I have two programs, how to step into your feminine energy and honor how one is a significant other. I'm sorry for the masculine partner. It's so beautiful. It didn't expect that to honor each other's energy that way.

[01:04:26] Maya Acosta:And, um, the first one very, very reminiscing. And I, I feel like it's so beautiful. So you for sharing that. And then you did say that you have an additional story that we didn't cover about overcoming sugar addiction and now you support people as well. 

[01:04:43] Claire Chiron:So would you like, tell us about those programs? Food is not here to actually control your life.So basically, if you are thinking about what you will eat, In the morning, in the evening, if you are just craving special food during the day, like chocolate, pizza, cheese, uh, this delicious, uh, cake, and you are like yuming yourself every time you think about food. Yeah, I love food by the way, but, Through actually all of this, my body is unable to eat, uh, sugar dairies and gluten anymore.

[01:05:22] Claire Chiron:So I live without all of this in my life. This has been like, uh, an obligation from my body because I just can't anymore and this creates so much dizziness in my mind if I do eat them. And so I realized that sugar is a real, real poison. It doesn't have to, it don't it, uh, yeah. It doesn't have to be in our body.

[01:05:47] Claire Chiron:It doesn't belong to the body. It's not natural. Even if we need glucose, sugar can come from other sources than direct sugary. So the first challenge is to help you to be aware about the root causes of the why you are actually eating emotionally. You are addicted to sugar. You are binge eating, and you have so many cravings.

[01:06:13] Claire Chiron:So this is Empowered Eating and the second one is also one of my signature programs, which is AMA Nutrition. And so this is the whole transformation about healing all the emotional attachments to food and to reconnecting to your body. So this is not, what I love about this program is that this is not only connect, uh, related to food, especially.

[01:06:43] Claire Chiron:Your food behaviors is a consequence of how you are actually living. And so this is a full reconnection to your body, and this is a full reconnection to your desires because a lot of the time you eat your success. So stop eating your success and come and and heal all of this. So this is the healing work and the deep change of paradigm happens in Amazon Nutrition.

[01:07:12] Maya Acosta:Yeah. Thank you for adding those additional tips on food itself. Yes, we definitely talk a lot about nutrition on this podcast, and we understand that people are dealing with, there are individuals that are dealing with addiction and so the fact that you addressed.

[01:07:28] Claire Chiron:Thank you so much, Maya, getting to the root cost. So, so happy. 

[01:07:32] Maya Acosta:And then thank you for doing this work, healthier. This is amazing. I guess just first understanding what's driving that desire and then working towards healing. That is wonderful. Thank you. So I'll make sure to have all of these programs in the show notes and I feel like I can speak with you forever, Claire, so it's been such a pleasure.

[01:07:48] Maya Acosta:Thank you for tuning in from France. I know that you know the connection might be a little bit difficult, like in terms of wifi, but we made it happen, and I thank you so much for being a guest on my show. You've been listening to the Healthy Lifestyle Solutions Podcast with your host Maya Acosta. If you've enjoyed this podcast, do us a favor and share with one friend who can benefit from this episode.

[01:08:11] Maya Acosta:Feel free to leave us an honest review on Apple Podcast that helps us to spread our message. Thanks for listening.

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Claire Chiron is an emotional healing and mastery coach. After living in dysfunctional relationships for years and her 1,500+ hours of meditation practice, she helps women heal from their childhood traumas to reconnect to their femininity and create healthy relationships with themselves and their lover to embrace their life with joy and serenity.

Also, thanks to her meditation skills, she helps high-achievers, employees and CEOs improve their emotional, mental and work performance through weekly live guided group meditation.