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Mita is a coach at heart. She recognizes that there is no cookie-cutter approach to transformation. Each day, she helps clients design and live healthy lives. Her custom, tailored approach is the key to follow-through. Most of us simply never learned how to nourish our bodies holistically, or worse, learned the wrong habits. Health journeys usually start with good intentions and determination but get side-tracked by the same culprit: stress and its accompanying emotions. Mita focuses on managing your stress and emotions. This helps avoid over-eating, being inactive, using tobacco or alcohol – that very factors that can derail your health. Over the past fifteen years, Mita has worked in many areas of health management, from health coaching to clinical research at hospitals and universities, conducting corporate seminars and developing health promotion programs. She has helped develop app based diabetes management programs. Her associations include but are not limited to Virginia Tech Polytechnic University, Montclair State University, Aetna, AbilTo, Worksite Wellness Council of Massachusetts, Wockhardt Hospital, etc. She has earned publication and an award from Society of Behavioral Medicine. She holds masters in human and clinical nutrition, masters in behavioral nutrition and physical activity, certification in sports nutrition & tobacco cessation and is a certified coach with National Board & American College of Lifestyle Medicine.