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Jyl Steinback has been described by the media as “a one-woman business dynamo,” “America’s Healthy Mom” and “A National Sensation,” Steinback serves as the executive director of Shape Up US. Jyl was awarded a Community Leadership Award from the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition “For exemplary service and dedication to improving the lives of others by promoting and fostering opportunities for participation in fitness, sports or nutrition programs.” Steinback, who has worked in the health and wellness industry for more than 35 years as a personal trainer, educator, and lifestyle guru has sold more than 2 million books that educate consumers to change their lifestyle by making positive choices through proper nutrition, exercise, and healthy living. She has been a spokesperson teaching health and wellness throughout the country.

Jyl is passionate about “Building A Healthier Future for Children”. Jyl says, “Her passion is to change the face of education, as we know it today. Bringing a “Healthy Wellness” Curriculum into every school and homeschool starting in kindergarten – 6th grade.  She believes every child is entitled to a great start! The Hip Hop Healthy Heart for Children™ A Healthy Literacy Educational Curriculum that encompasses the “Whole Child” and empowers our youth and our educators as our leaders. This program provides our children with the tools to flourish and be resilient! To guide our children to blossom into their full potential (mentally, physically and emotionally). This program is the SOLUTION TO LIFESTYLE AND BEHAVIORAL CHANGES!

Her latest program, Clap4Health©! is a fundraiser and an innovative solution to bringing wellness, fitness and mindfulness into peoples lives. The benefits of clapping are based on the Acupressure Theory. This is why many children and adults love to clap. It makes you happy! Jyl’s newest cookbook – “Think Outside The Lunchbox” – 250 Plant Nutritious Recipes the Whole Family Will Love!”  

She is offering our listeners the Hip Hop Healthy Heart for Children curriculum FREE of charge if you simply contact her at and tell her you heard her on the Plant Based DFW podcast show.

This curriculum can be implemented by the:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • P.E. and Wellness Coaches
  • After-School Programs
  • Camps


Health and wellness expos - events and you will see 16 cities where they will offer outdoor obstacle events for children.

  • Dallas is May 1, 2021   -
  • May 17 -23 : Shape Up Summit: 

Jyl Steinback 00:00

Yeah so it's really it's for anybody and now is the time and now i think what COVID has done is health has become at the top which i love and and the wellness and how do we do it and we we've created it so simply for the children's the families the communities to be able to come together and heal our planet and healed themselves


Narrator 00:24

Welcome to the Plant Based DFW Podcast weekly show with Dr. Riz and Maya a show broadcasted from the Dallas Fort Worth area that focuses on lifestyle medicine this is the use of evidence based lifestyle therapeutic approaches such as a whole food plant based diet regular physical exercise adequate sleep and stress management to treat prevent and oftentimes reverse lifestyle related chronic diseases that are all too prevalent every week they feature a guest who speaks on one of these lifestyle medicine pillars this show is for you the person who is seeking to improve your overall wellness and quality of life so whether you are driving walking or relaxing at home we hope this show will provide you one more tool for your wellness toolbox let's meet today's podcast guest.


Maya Acosta 01:16

Jyl Steinback has been described by the media as a one woman business dynamo America's Healthy Mom and a national sensation. Steinback serves as the Executive Director of Shape Up Us. Jyl was awarded a community leadership award from the president's council on fitness sports and nutrition for exemplary service and dedication to improving the lives of others by promoting and fostering opportunities for participation in fitness sports and nutrition programs. Steinback who has worked in the health and wellness industry for more than 35 years as a personal trainer, educator and lifestyle guru has sold more than 2 million books that educate consumers to change their lifestyle by making positive choices through proper nutrition, exercise and healthy living. She has been a spokesperson teaching health and wellness throughout the country jill is passionate about building a healthier future for children she says that her passion is to change the face of education as we know it today bringing a healthy wellness curriculum into every school and homeschool starting in grades kindergarten through the sixth grade she believes every child is entitled to a great start the Hip Hop Healthy Heart for children a healthy literacy education curriculum that encompasses the whole child and empowers our youth and our educators as leaders this program provides our children with the tools to flourish to be resilient to guide our children to blossom into their full potential mentally physically and emotionally this program is the solution to lifestyle and behavioral changes her latest program Clap4Health is a fundraiser and an innovative solution to bringing wellness fitness and mindfulness into people's lives the benefits of clapping are based on the acupressure theory and this is why many children and adults love to clap it makes me happy. Now for this curriculum the Hip Hop Healthy Heart for children curriculum she is offering our listeners the curriculum free of charge. All you have to do is contact her visit our website at Shape Up and let her know that you heard about her on our podcast the Plant Based DFW Podcast show the curriculum can be implemented in the classroom also by pe and wellness coaches after school programs and add camps she also tells us about her health and wellness expos these events that happen throughout the year in 16 different cities the first one starts on May 1 here in the Dallas area i will include a link so if you know anyone who can benefit from these kind of obstacle courses for children let them know about it so that they can register and also there's a Shape Up Summit that joe has put together and that one starts on May 17 i will include the link as well. I hope that you can share this episode with anyone who has children whether it's a parent, a teacher, a friend of yours let them know about the program and about all the benefits of how we can promote wellness to children that includes physical exercise nutrition and financial literacy so i hope you enjoy this episode. Welcome Jyl.


Jyl Steinback 04:25

Thanks for having me.


Maya Acosta 04:26

I was wondering if we can start with lifestyle medicine?


Jyl Steinback 04:29

Yes of course.


Maya Acosta 04:30

You're part of the American College of Lifestyle Medicines Women's Health Interest Group.


Jyl Steinback 04:35

Well i'm actually on about five of them i like them all and they all fit into everything that we're doing Susan Benigas is a dear friend of mine she's ever and we're both from St. Louis and we did health and wellness events together and then now she's on our Shape Up Us board so all of her passions and you know we try to help each other and support each other but with the women's group i just thought it was so important because we really address we're a train the trainer model of everything that we do and so we teach the educator or parent they teach the child the child teaches back into the home and then we do these amazing health and wellness events so it's a circle of wellness that becomes sustainable and in my mind when we start with the children they no no different my kids no no different you know and they are it's great because they went in their own ways of educating i always joke my daughter she's a pediatric cardiologist and when that route and my son he's just a fitness buff and we always used to joke because every fraternity friend of his was in shape you know so it didn't matter how you kids do his kids see and so if you're active in your house and live like we were talking before this i meditate every day you know and they see you doing these things they know no different so the group was so important because i wanted to try to work with everyone and learn what they're doing and share what we're doing to see what synergies and collaborations we could do.


Maya Acosta 06:16

Definitely to bring resources together and your mission is to help others achieve greater health through nutrition exercise and you believe in nourishing the mind the body and the spirit in terms of all the areas where you serve and contribute it's really a lifestyle medicine.


Jyl Steinback 06:32

Lifestyle medicine and i'm also a homeopathic practitioner everybody has a story if we can get to that story whether it's a child or an adult it doesn't matter that's how they have to heal from the inside out and so to me it's it i'm a big puzzle person and so to me everybody's a piece of puzzle and how do we put that life together or make it richer and more exciting and more resilient and i feel you have to work with the mind the body the spirit financial all of it is shaping up us.


Maya Acosta 07:06

Yes definitely in preparation to have this conversation with you i put on some music and started dancing kind of female empowerment kind of music because i said i need to keep up with you Jyl. You have so much energy and you've done so much throughout your life. You talked about everybody kind of having a story and i heard a story that you shared and i was hoping that our listeners can hear it as well because it reminds me of a time in high school when i also tried out to be a cheerleader and then that didn't work out for me but i definitely found ways to be part of something else that was meaningful to me. So what happened when you were a cheerleader and then one particular year didn't make the team?


Jyl Steinback 07:49

Well it was quite interesting because a school just opened up and it was the middle school for the area they had just built it and it became cheerleader for that and that was like seventh eighth grade and then went into high school which this particular district the same school district but didn't have the school for high school so we had go to another one and you know the competition was real and i tried and worked at it and you know and it was just quite interesting and i didn't make it in ninth grade and then tried that much harder so i did make it in 10th and 11th and 12th but it gave me the goals for life to be the cheerleader for other people including myself you know if you if you came into my home it was it's so zen you know i've got signs on serendipity and angel street in you know prosperity street and just they're all over my door and just to be your own cheerleader because there is no one else that's an advocate for you you know and you're so blessed to be able to be that advocate or help someone else my real story is that i say to people if you just have that one person that believes in you your life's magical you know and who is that person whether it's your parent your your sister your brother your friend you know or someone you don't even know that just comes into your life because it's serendipity and and that's so with the cheerleading that's what i do and take them through those steps and it's the same with the kids with my Hip Hop Healthy Heart program for children we built it so that we're their cheerleaders to help them become more resilient happier healthier children to adults and that transition.


Maya Acosta 09:33

Yes and i've seen you said a little while ago that you train the trainer and i've seen videos of you actually working with educators and getting them excited it's almost like the child in them come comes out as well.


Jyl Steinback 09:46

It's so fun so just a story about myself my father lived with me for the last two and a half years of his life and i also lived in his assistant living for a while because he was macular degeneration blind and then very hard, fearing death. And so I was kind of his ears and  his advocate to be able to do this. But what I learned if I didn't work with kids, all seniors are just big kids. And they have this amazing, wonderful story to share about their lives and how they saw themselves in their use, and what was their cheerleading moment, you know, and so I just, I loved it. So I always say that, you know, we all have that kid inside of us that we have got to play. And I was telling you before this, I'm now addicted to pickle-ball. And, you know, every day after I'm done working, and I'll start at 330, in the morning with work. And by five o'clock, I shut this computer off, and I go play with my friends, I get off all this steam and run like a crazy woman. And the same time during the day in the middle part of the day. I'll meditate every day for a minimum of 30 minutes, to calm myself to Zen myself what I call my favorite work, and bring myself back to where I am to be the best that I can be.


Maya Acosta 11:07

Yes. And this all I mean, we have the story of cheerleading, but your entire life has been about health and wellness, you've been featured on other shows as well. You know, you talk about the importance of superfoods, you talk about the importance of exercise, my goodness, and it has helped you throughout life to maintain a good level of energy, hasn't it?


Jyl Steinback 11:27

It has now I tell you a cute story. Because when I how I really got into this was when I went to Arizona State University, and you got to picture this, there's 10 guys on a wall and they're holding up numbers as you pass with what they think you are, I was about 30 pounds over within I was that I am I enjoyed my beer outside and having a great time. And I was like, Oh my god, you know, I got to start looking at a healthier lifestyle. And so I tried every really quote unquote diet there was around that what was the best fit for me and my body and my lifestyle and to be able to give me the energy that I wanted to have to do all these wonderful things. And it all boiled down to now today is plant base plant and I call it plant nutritious because there's plant there's vegan, there's plant based, there's plant nutritious and I choose eating from the ground. I wrote one of my cookbooks is on satiety foods, foods that fill you up that make you satisfied. And that's what plant nutritious is. So we call it Think Outside the Lunchbox is the name of the book and it's 250 plant based nutrition said to all plant nutritious and and life is about Think Outside the Lunchbox. And that's why I love the title because I had to get people thinking differently with eating healthier, and moving their body and starting to meditate because it takes 21 days to make a habit and 30 days to make a lifestyle change. And I have to tell you, those 30 days your audience it's tough, you know and and you really have to be your own cheerleader with it. They after that 30 days, it's a lifestyle that you're like, why haven't I lived this all my life? Where have I been?


Maya Acosta 13:20

So now you kind of understand that if we can get to children at a younger age, they themselves can then set themselves up for a better life than a lot of us had.


Jyl Steinback 13:30

They'll know to live this way. And this is the life that they were brought up with. I wrote a book one on one of my books called What's Eating You It's Not About Food. And it's 10 steps of the interview of why people stuff themselves, you know that it's not about the food. So why are Why are we overeating? And what's this? What are we doing so we have to come back and ground ourselves, whatever that takes and get out in the earth. Meditate, do all those whole people things to be and feel better, the best that we can.


Maya Acosta 14:05

Your Shape Up Us your 501 c that's been in place for how long? 11 or 12 years. 


Jyl Steinback 14:11

Ah we're in our 12th year in that crazy. And that's also cute story, you got to be careful what you wish for because we were doing our first health and wellness event. And we're around a circle around the board. And I walked in that day and I don't know why I said I want to nonprofit I want to Shape Up Us from the inside out. And by the end of the meeting one of our key sponsors says to me, well I have a nonprofit and I'm not really used and I'd like to give this to you change the name change what you need. We have pretty much the same mission. And I looked up into the sky and I just said okay God, what do you want? And so I do believe you got when you speak it out loud. It's coming. Look out.


Maya Acosta 14:55

How was that initially when you got started as Shape Up Us is the are various programs that you run under your 501?


Jyl Steinback 15:02

Yeah. So I was really to tell you the truth I was discombobulated I had. No, I had no idea what to do with this. And through meditating it to me, life comes through me, not to me, I started planting the seeds of what to do good terminology for this webinar. And we did awareness, education and action. So we want to make people aware, what does that look like? We want to give them education, what does that look like? And we wanted to have action behind it. Because if you don't take action, you're the same person you were yesterday. And so our awareness we did was health and wellness events, for the community to come together for free. And we bring in this amazing Ninja Warrior obstacle course for the kids all kinds of different booths of from the community dealing with our eight modules of education. So it all ties in together. inflatables, huge 60 inch balls, they could play with DJ, plant nutritious foods that they can try contest with hula hoops and tug of war. So it's just a day, come play and find that what I call aha moment to take home, whether you're the child or the parent, and what do I like, and what do I want to try. And now we're in 16 cities with this. So it's, it's really great. And we just starting back up co definitely put a damper on that. And, but we're coming back strong this year, starting in July, and going all the way through December, and you can take a peek into any locations. Or if you would like to have one in your city, please just contact me so we can make that happen. Did you have any questions with that part of it?


Maya Acosta 16:48

I remember hearing you were in three or four. But now you're up to 16 cities. So I guess people just contact you. Is there some sponsorship that's involved?


Jyl Steinback 16:55

Yeah. So there's a sponsorship level, we're totally sponsorship driven. And people could come in through boosts or our presenting sponsor, or however best fits them in their budget. But for the audience, it's free.


Maya Acosta 17:08

I guess it's similar to kind of the walks that we do. Yes,


Jyl Steinback 17:12



Maya Acosta 17:13

So you're gonna get that started again, July through December, they come out and they're participate. Yep.


Jyl Steinback 17:18

So we're starting in Denver, in July, and then go to St. Louis, and then just fell through the United States till we get to Phoenix in November, and Tampa in December.


Maya Acosta 17:30

So all the way through any chance are coming through Dallas?


Jyl Steinback 17:33

We are coming to Dallas. Actually, I was just talking to a corporate sponsor just a minute ago, Dallas is I'll tell you when Hold on, we are coming to Dallas, and we're very excited about it. Dallas is actually we start with Dallas, may 1 is exciting, I'm gonna have to promote this. Yep. So I will send you information and everything. So you can take a peek and, and as I say, we'll have we have an audit, we'll have it on our website. It's all there when you go to the events. And you can see some of that when you first come to our website, you'll see what it looks like, it's just a video that's totally like, I want to go there. So you can take a peek, and then I'll let you know more about it for sure. And share all the cities. So thank you. 


Maya Acosta 18:18

And you're going to talk about the educational component of that. 


Jyl Steinback 18:20

So this is really my my heart and soul. My story with education is I had a real challenge in education myself. And in elementary school, I was one of those kids, which we didn't know what it was at that time. Like I couldn't read. And I had a really bad I had a hard time challenged and in fifth grade I actually won spelling. Well in those days, you know, you were stood up in front of the class and when you didn't do it right, you had to sit down. So let's talk self esteem here. You know, that was pretty bad. When I decided to create this curriculum. It was mainly because for people to learn in all five senses. So they learn the way that they need to learn. It wasn't just about the book. Some people learn by listening to music, some people learn they have to touch it, I have to see it, I have to hear it at the same time. So when we created this curriculum and the resources, it taught children and adults in all five senses, which made a huge impact, and everyone no one is left behind. everyone learns and we picked eight modules and they're really cool. So the first one you meet Dr. Beat, you learn all about your body, you know, as a teacher, that you've got to learn the whys. What's Where's house, you know, all those questions. And we wanted to let them know if you keep your body healthy, what happens to it so we share all all about that. The second module is called Get, get down the pressure. This is what we were talking about before. It's on meditation. why sleep is important it actually has the first homeopathic curriculum ever offered in schools on just acute care so that people can say well i sprained my ankle why do i need so we work with a lot of nurses in schools for that the third module is on nutrition and this is the first plant based curriculum ever offered under that umbrella we have the power of water and the power of minerals then we go to exercise exercise we have yoga stretching anaerobic aerobic but we also created our own movement which i'll share in a minute but it's called Clap4 Health when you clap your hands you get happy healthy and active and your hands like reflexology have 28 acupressure points create their own movement we have created a dance a line dance and a song but they can create their own program and they get 15 minutes in our curriculum they create this movement of clapping then they've got to teach the other kids the next modules dental health but we do it a little different like dental health is tied into the heart so our whole program is hard healthy and why do you need to floss what does that have to do with the heart you know and so we educate them all that the next one is on finances my goal would be so cool that probably not my lifetime but maybe my children's lifetime that we didn't have low income because they learned about money and we're one of the first programs on k through third we'd also have the fourth through six but some of the financial institute's will teach on financing and money into the schools the next one is on it's a great one it's called the m hip and happy it's all about your emotions to teach children they can be happy they can be sad they can be angry but how do we become resilient and what do we do with that feeling inside us and then underneath that on the bonus the power of the word i think a lot of people have forgotten what that what that means when they save they give their word you know now everything's about a contract but contracts don't even doesn't mean anything anywhere more today to me you know it's it's the power of that word what did you say and so let's stick to that that's ethics and then we do bullying and also pets and with pets we do unconditional love and responsibility and our last main module sustainability and it's we took the first seven and this one's giving back to the earth and let's keep our earth healthy for our generations and generations of the planet so it's a really fun and we tie that exercise are that curriculum and those eight modules into every health and wellness event that we have all of those people that come out in with the booths are part of that curriculum so they can learn about it and right now we're partnering with a variety different states will be in 34 states in over 14,000 schools and what i say to you is anybody that would like that is listening now and we'd like this for free i'd love to donate that to them so all they need to do is contact me and and i'll be glad to do that whether you're a teacher or parent.


Maya Acosta 23:21

Wonderful thank you for that i love the entire program if i were a parent i would want my child to have all of this education these are components that sort of need to be taught at a young age there's the so the financial, the dental, the sustainability, the caring for animals and the planet i mean those are all things that our children are naturally open to when they're younger right it's just that we don't necessarily foster those things?


Jyl Steinback 23:47

Absolutely and they really love it and they'd like to go home and talk about it and the way we did it was when they do a worksheet or take something home we'd like the parents to sign it so they take a look and the reason we k through sixth grade is because they've still working with parents you know you get to the middle school and they're like off on their own and and you can't spread that family word as much.


Maya Acosta 24:09

You must have a team of people who really contribute to all of this education here?


Jyl Steinback 24:13

i have a great team of board members which is great so they their job is to introduce me to people and which is how we met so it's it's great you know it's um but it's definitely it's a village that comes together that that makes this happen my newest so i'll go one more step for our action part which is really neat is we created the clapping program and it's actually a fundraiser so any school any sports team or any wellness employee wellness can can start clapping pledge base they can go to Shape Up or it will direct you to clap the number 4 and it gives you a whole whole packet to follow in a six weeks program, and they can raise money and they get 50% of all the money that they earned to do whatever they want or give back to a nonprofit of their own. And then for the other 50%, shape up gives the curriculum to a school district for free. So it's a win win win for everybody. And that's what we want. And we want everybody start clapping, we we are looking in 2021 to make an international movement. So anybody that's listening, that would like to help us that would be excellent. 


Maya Acosta 25:31

To help support your organization, just go to that website, I'll have a link for that as well.


Jyl Steinback 25:35

Yeah, perfect. And then we created which goes with your Walk With A Doc, I've contacted them and I'm working with some people in Colorado with that, we created a walking program, it's called eat right more. And we're the first plant nutrition in there. And we did partner with ACLM to use their new plates that they did last November. So in the cookbooks, we have the first acplm plate. And then in our walking program, we have the children's plate. So very excited about that. And those are our two programs.


Maya Acosta 26:12

Those two organizations promote physical exercise and nutrition, but you kind of driving a little bit more the plant base component of it. Wow, I'm looking forward to all of these programs.


Jyl Steinback 26:24

I got one more than I'm going to share that my newest venture and you're the first to hear about it. I partner with a gentleman His name's Obie Obie is a creator, writer, brilliant mind behind a new TV show that's coming out. So any of your viewers that want to learn more, it's called Juice Bar. So if you've seen them, the show Cheers where they all hang out at a bar, all Zen. So it's a multi ethnical character driven magical comedy about our planet, and our global quest for health and shape up all the monies we raised through this or sponsorships through this juice bar and working with obion the juice bar, go right back into the schools and the education.


Maya Acosta 27:08

So when can we look forward to this show coming up?


Jyl Steinback 27:10

Well, we're hoping to fall of 2020. That's our goal. I'll put it out there. Why now it's going to be seen on plant based network. Are you familiar?


Maya Acosta 27:21

I am Are you going to the website, plant based network. And it's like its own channel or its own kind of network with various channels of cooks, chefs and people that are really sharing other programs on being healthy and plant based.


Jyl Steinback 27:34

Yes. And they now have a magazine out and they're starting, we're starting under our umbrella, the hip hop program, children's shows. And then as you say they have cooking, but they have all kinds of lifestyle, same as lifestyle shows, to help in all areas of your life.


Maya Acosta 27:51

I've also read on your website, I printed out your nice flyer on the healthy heart program for children. So this program is also available for parents who may homeschool.


Jyl Steinback 28:00

Yes, you know, any, and you talk about the rainbow, you know, so we did have the events that completely closed down. But when we started with the hip hop program, I mean, we started couple years ago with that, but through COVID, you know, getting into these 14,000 schools we would not have done if it wasn't for online ready, pull child's social emotional wellness curriculum. And yes, so we're now working with companies that get them into their employee wellness, and all of their families getting into homeschools. Throughout International, we just partnered with Plant Based Canada. So we're very excited about that. And they're introducing it to their schools. We work with different places throughout the United States. Action for kids Alliance for a Healthier Generation. So but anybody can use it. Yes,


Maya Acosta 28:53

Yeah. So anybody can go then on the website and and obtain this training this education for their children. What I was going to comment about that is you just said that you know, 2020 haven't been a very difficult year and children really struggling with not socializing as much maybe there are some stress at the family overall was going through this is sort of a very This is a great program really for any family, isn't it?


Jyl Steinback 29:17

Yeah. So it's, it's for anybody and now is the time and now I think what COVID has done is health has become at the top which I love and and the wellness and how do we do it and we we've created so simply for the children's, the families, the communities, to be able to come together and heal our planet and heal themselves.


Maya Acosta 29:40

I saw one of the educators that you trained, say really positive things about this. And I often wonder having been a teacher at one point if sometimes they feel like Oh, another program Yeah, another thing to bring into the classroom but this one kind of involves the educators as well.


Jyl Steinback 29:56

So I love it because they really what I hear back the most As the educators bring it into their families, you know, so not only do they get this to bring to their kids in the classroom or online, they bring it back to their families to change their families, which they didn't know was there. So that's been very rewarding. We also partnered with which is very exciting, a lot of the PE teachers throughout the United States because they were looking for material on health and wellness to do online. And so that was just great synergies, the right place, right time. And on our website. If people want to see what people written, there's a section of 10 states of executive directors through shape America affiliates, why they partnered with, they want this in every one of their schools in their states.


Maya Acosta 30:44

Well, congratulations on growing this to this level, with so many resources, and so many people participating. This particular program is now in 16. Cities and growing, I'm hesitant to ask what's next, because I think you're still in the process of building more. So


Jyl Steinback 30:59

the next step when we get this on juice bar, and we start you know, because people a lot of people like TV and things like that. So we'll have the online component, the TV component, I do want to do a TV show with we created it, you'll see on our website, all these phenomenal characters, and we're going to do a contest, naming these characters, and and then bringing them to life to everybody, whether it's television books, variety of ways that we have envisioned for 2021 - 22. So just everything's becomes it's just so exciting. 


Maya Acosta 31:34

So you have a summit that's coming up?


Jyl Steinback 31:35

So we are doing a Shape Up Us summit on the plant based network. And it starts may 17. And we'll have 21 speakers. So we're very excited. And it's for seven days, and we'd love for you to join us and I will absolutely send you information link, but it's Shape Up Us And you'll be able to go to the link and be able to see it on the plant based network. Okay, wonderful.


Maya Acosta 32:01

I'll again, I'll find the link. And I always promote these kinds of summits when they come up, because there's so resourceful for people,


Jyl Steinback 32:07

And we have some really phenomenal they go along with our curriculum and all eight of the modules with different speakers. So it's very fascinating. It's gonna be fine. Yes, yes, I'll send you information for sure. And I'm grateful for you, thank you Think Outside the Lunchbox and you never know what happens.


Maya Acosta 32:24

Is there anything else that you would like to share with our listeners, maybe some tips on just themselves? If they don't have children? How can they get started towards a better path towards wellness?


Jyl Steinback 32:34

The first idea that comes to mind is get outside and walk and if it's cold where you are because I get it. There's been a, you know, a yucky winter and I'm in Scottsdale, Arizona, so I get it you don't? I don't understand. I would buy a mini trampoline? Oh, yes, yes. And I'd put it in front of TV. And I'd watch a 30 minute show. Whether it's the news, if that's what you want to watch, or you want to watch a sitcom, or you want to watch something on Nextflix or you know, a movie, and my trick of trade is when I have an exercise room, and I watch a movie in there, but I can't finish the movie until I go back in and start exercising again. So it gets me excited about going in. But there's just this high of energy being grounded outside I do believe. So whether you like to run or pickleball or tennis or, you know, walk, it doesn't matter, move your body start to slow. So I want to say that again. start slow. My dad when he moved here at 90 years old, I started in five minutes. And by the time we were done, he was up to 15 minutes to an hour of walking and changed him to a plant nutritious program and completely changed his life. So but we started at five minutes, and then every other day build up a minute. Less is more. take time for yourself and and and listen, you know, we all have the intuitiveness but we don't stop to listen. And I promise I always say to the universe, I promise if you tell me twice, I'm going to listen. Because something sometimes the first time I'm too fast, but by the third time, you know you don't know what happens. You didn't listen, you know? So stop and listen, as they always say smell the roses. And don't beat yourself up. You know so funny playing pickleball today a great tip that I learned in my I've tried to learn an aha moment every day. And my aha moment today was when my friend said and he said bad me. When she missed a ball. She says bad ball. And I went I love it. It's not about me take that out.


Maya Acosta 34:45

That's right. I think being gentle with oneself having compassion that is so important, especially if some of us didn't grow up being athletic or very physically active. I so agree with you to start gently. My mom went plant based Just in the last couple of years, she found a walking buddy in her community. And, you know, they get out early cuz my mom is an early riser. So they get out early and do a little walk, and she's been telling me, you know, we will walk in a little bit more and more walk walking a little bit more. And because she has had strokes, I do want her to be careful, I don't want her to hurt herself, you know. So I love that message of you know, just do a little bit at a time. I think movement, in general is better than not having movement. And you know, Joe, I sit a lot when I'm interviewing, I'm editing, I'm answering emails, I just kind of stop what I'm doing. And I go to the treadmill, which is next door, or other bedroom. And I'm walking, you know, because I sit for long periods of time. And I don't necessarily enjoy sitting for long period or I get up and I do laundry, I get up and I start cooking and I come back. But I try to not sit for long periods of time.


Jyl Steinback 35:50

It doesn't do us good. And our mind is so much smarter. I mean, they're bringing all this equipment in this classrooms. Now. There's a lot of companies that you know that have that so that they learn better. When I went through through school, I walked in a treadmill to study, you know, so that my mind was quick and thinking much better than when I sat and read, I'd be sleeping. 


Maya Acosta 36:11

You know, I have found that when I do cycle when I get on my bicycle and go around the lake or something. All these what you just had all these ideas come in creativity really kicks in and I come back home motivated, like okay, gotta write this down. So it's been so motivating to speak with you to learn about you and how you have really spend your life cheer leading people, you're encouraging people, now you're working with children, you've worked with children for quite a while, but you're really bringing that into the classroom, into our homes, and now to various cities in person. So it's it's amazing work that you're doing.


Jyl Steinback 36:46

Thank you. And the last thing I'll tell your audience is that each one of you is a gift. And you were brought on this earth because you have a gift different than someone else. And to hone into that and share it and really count the gratitude, the blessings that you have every single day. I know we all go through tough times, and we do have that story. But if we can find more positive and more gratitude comes our way and say thinking the moment like somebody will say How are you today, Joe? And they'll say, Well, right now today's good, you know, but if we think to the future, that's when we worry and we find fear. And so if we come back to that present as in now, I'm okay right now this second I'm okay. And who knows what the next bring you can't you don't want to manifest it. So why even think it is the positive and grateful.


Maya Acosta 37:34

So in terms of social media and your website, what's the best way for people to continue to learn more about you and support your work.


Jyl Steinback 37:41

So my website Shape Up Shape Up Anyone is welcome to email me at j y Li spelled J y L. At Shape Up If you would like to curriculum, as I mentioned, through the month of March, which is Nutrition Month, I would love to give it to any one of your viewers, listeners that would like the program matter whether you're a mom, an employee or educator, it doesn't matter, you're going to love it. And if you email me, then I can send you a special code that you can download it for free. The value so you know is $800 per person. So jump on it, I say you know, Think Outside the Lunchbox and start doing it. I think it'll rock your world. As I always say my favorite is your rock star. And I'm here for you. I'll be the one person that you need. So let me know how I can best support you.


Maya Acosta 38:36

Yeah, so wonderful. Thank you for this gift, I'll make sure to, again, include all of that information for our listeners. Thank you so much for coming on, and sharing all that you're doing Joe.


Jyl Steinback 38:46

God bless. Thank you for allowing me the time and pleasure meeting you and I look forward to next ventures Think Outside the Lunchbox,


Maya Acosta 38:54

Thank you to have a great day. 


Jyl Steinback 38:56

By you too. 


Maya Acosta 38:57

Well, there you have it guys. Wasn't that an awesome conversation with Jyl, I learned about so many resources that are available for both adults and children. Make sure to check the links below she did mention that her program will be coming through Dallas in May. And the summit will also be happening in May. Also Jyl mentioned that if you email her, you will get a discount code to the curriculum that's available. It's an $800 value that she's giving to our listeners. So I hope you take advantage of that and help promote this kind of program. That is so good to get children on the right track. So thanks again for listening. You've been listening to the Plant Based DFW Podcast show. If you like our content, please like share and leave a review. Our goal is to provide quality episodes to help support the community.