Meeting My Listeners - Tulsa VegFest

Meeting My Listeners - Tulsa VegFest

I set an intention for my participation at the Tulsa VegFest. My goal was to connect with people. For the past 2 1/2 years, my connection to others has been strictly from my home studio. So, you can imagine how eager I was to connect with others at the fest.

I set up my booth so as to attract anyone who was plant-curious to anyone who was willing to go on camera to share their testimonies.

My giveaways included t-shirts, magazines, fruit, and books. Some individuals stopped by to tell me that they are plant-curious and are having a hard time. I was so glad to have the right books and/or magazines to donate. But I also wanted to share words of encouragement. 

Some people wanted to go on camera to share their stories. Stay tuned for that YouTube video which I hope to have ready in about a week. I even had a guest come on camera to announce her pregnancy!! I am the first person the couple told. What a beautiful gift to have someone share such a personal life event with me. 

I had over 100 people visit my booth. Thank you for stopping by and making a human-to-human connection with me. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thanks to all the wonderful people who are also helping people in their communities. As a podcaster who never really see her audience, this was extra, extra special. If you'd like to stay informed, join our newsletter here.

My Booth

Check out my booth. I had several giveaways which included t-shirts, books, magazines, and fruit! My goal was to provide resources such as The China Study, the Blue Zones book, The Vegetarian Starter Kit and so much more to support people who are just getting started. 

Some of my listeners stopped by to say hello. This was a real surprise. As a podcaster, you never really know who you are speaking to. I often receive comments on my videos and people leave reviews. But I am not used to seeing faces. So I was grateful to hear from regular listeners who said that they enjoy the content. 

Check out the business cards, banner, and frames that I put together for the booth. I basically wanted to have enough contact information for anyone who was not familiar with my podcast. 

My Business Cards/Contact Information

I wanted to make business cards that would provide obvious information about my Instagram account. The cards include my website, FB account, YouTube channel, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok. Plus, you can rate my podcast. 

My Backdrop Banner

Thank you to people in my Facebook group who gave me feedback on my banner. 

This was a busy weekend. We arrived on time for the Friday night "Dinner Experience". Woke up at 6 a.m. to set up at the Guthrie Green. Worked the booth all day until it was time to do my food demo at 3:15 p.m. After the vegfest, we headed over to dinner to celebrate the event. It was absolutely wonderful connecting with like-minded souls in Tulsa, Ok. It is a beautiful city.

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