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I Reached 200 Episodes

For our new subscribers, I would like to go down memory lane for just a minute. Our outreach work initially started as a result of us learning about lifestyle medicine. We wanted to help empower people to take back their health. We began creating learning opportunities for people here in Dallas.

We held lectures and offered movie screenings, potlucks, and food demos in order to support people who wanted to learn healthier ways of living. We even walked monthly with our local community. 

The pandemic forced me to focus more on providing support via my podcast platform. I was able to bring on more experts from all over the world to talk about how we can take good care of ourselves. Today we speak on the pillars of lifestyle medicine such as using food as medicine, exercising for health, managing our stress, and building healthy relationships.

Did you know that podcasts are FREE to listen to? There is nothing that you have to do but perhaps download the best app for your listening device. Most people listen from their mobile phones and they either use the Apple Podcast app or Spotify. Some people listen directly on my website while some prefer watching the interviews on YouTube